Saturday, December 27, 2008

My life today

Hello,everyone..Today is Saturday here at Philippines and i didn't know today is Saturday i been expecting it's a Friday.I been asking to my aunties what is it day today?and she said it's Saturday and tomorrow is Sunday it's church time and i was remember i didn't go at last Sunday at church because i got sick.Well,sometimes i did not know the time and the day and also the date .But today i was been wake up at 6 am here at Philippines time i was been fix first my bed and direct at comfort room to wash my face and then at sala to open the window and sweep the floor inside my room and also the other parts of the house.Then,i think must better i will wash the clothes then i been finish laundry,and after that i been eating breakfast and brush my teeth then was the dishes and sit here at computer to visit the blog site here and drop.I was been starting here at computer to visit the blog site here at 9 am ,it's very slow the internet connection this morning but i was continue dropping until it's time for lunch i been cooking for rice at 10:30 am,then after that i was also been eating for lunch and wash the dishes again and back to sit here and start dropping the site until 3:30 pm i wanted to stop because it's very very low loading,i must think must better to sweep the outside surrounding it's because have many falling dry leaves. In the past day here always been raining so outside look very messy much of dry leaves.It will takes almost one hour sweeping outside it's not only much leaves it's also big space to sweep,then i am already finish at quarter 5 pm.,then i am showering,dress on and open the computer again then while do dropping here my auntie call me it's time to eat i been eating wash dishes again and sweep floor again and brush teeth and sit here again and dropping until i am finish dropping and do this blog.
Well,my cousin tell with me about this blog, she is doing also blog here and she offer me to do too.In the first time,i don't want it's because i have a problem about speaking in English,i am only high graduate less of doing very good in speech,like have exactly in punctuation,grammar and the way how to use English words.But my cousin convince with me must better i will do too so that i can also learning about this way in English speaking.So,i am trying now,i was starting do the blog this past weekend and start also to member at entrecard and i have been notice and see that it's very fun!Many blog i been visit and read and interesting,this is only by thought and also by imagination,and everything.Well,well i am happy now i do this because even my blog not so good but i am very thankful those who have now my follower and comment in my blog ,and hope so it will continue that it will follow my blog and comment too,it's only about this in my life situation everyday,my experiences,and challenges.
Perhaps,it is also can help with me so that i will not feel boring and the time will past quickly and not counting the days and thinking much that i am waiting the confirmation about my visa.But it's better i do this too because maybe i can earn also this blog.Because my cousin support her parents it's because of this blog.I want also i can have income so that i can help also my parents not only i am waiting for the transfering little money from my hubby.I want to help too but i need to wait for 90 days for the paying post approval,because they will not accept the blog is not older 90 days.And hope so they will agree and confirm my blog,i will hope,see you next time..Happy holiday to all readers and follower...Advance happy new year everyone..

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas over and time for a new year myspace graphic comments
Happy New Year Graphic Comments

Hello,the Christmas is over now and we will ready and prepared this coming new year in 2009 again.Maybe we will see bye 2008 and welcome 2009.I wanna think what is my resolution this new year.?What i need to say good bye for the past year 2008.We are spending 12 months every years.From now on,maybe i will be happy this year will over now and look for the 2009 time because i have short time waiting for my confirmation of my visa and hope so in this past months and i can heard news for the immigration of Norway hope and god know that he can do possible.And my resolution for this year i want my attitude change those negative attitude,like negative thinking and i want to be positive always and have faith and believe in myself and all of us in god.And also have confident always be a brave woman and trust in self that all problems come will over soon.And also must think good things for the future and believe in self and also another.Likewise we believe in god as we believe in self and also the urgent things is do as good thing in a best way.In this years i have many tears gone in my eyes because of many challenging come and problems like my family situation for financial problem the first one and my love gone in my side stay faraway with me and it's so hard this and those time i was waiting visa then we are expecting me and my hubby will be granted but it was deny.I am very confused and very sad this time,over night crying and we hope this new year and becoming month i have heard a good news hope so.And have good health everyday and also keep away from the accident,sick and bad temptation.And i will thanks this year to god that he is keep me in brave woman and still doing right way as his daughter.And thanks fro everything that he keep me very strong this year.Thanks for the good health,graces and everything and still stay in my heart.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas time today

Hello guys,it is now Christmas today here at Philippines and this is the time is Jesus was born.And last midnight we are been at church with my aunties ,cousin,husband of my cousin,and with their son.We are more than one hour the ceremony of church ,starting 10 pm until 11:30 pm and this the time when Jesus was born.I just think maybe i am lucky because even i am poor,have many problems come in life i am still stand up facing all problems because i believe that i can solve this soon.And maybe i will thanks to god i have good health today on his time of when he is born. And also my family even they are far away with me they are saying merry Christmas .And maybe i will say too very thank you Jesus no more accident spent with me today even i am alone i am stay faraway to my husband and even it is so sad but i will imagine and believe that we will stay together soon and live together and hopefully will successful married.That me and my husband binds and live that have peace,happy and even have problems come it will be solve and have faith each other and hope it is faraway from temptation.Hope it will complete and have some angels with our life that happy.And have good moral always and believe in god.With respect each other,with in good communication everyday no more quarrel it will be ok later then. I know have a good days and bad days come in life and that is what i am hoping i can face it all.I know not all time have good days maybe in other days it is bad .In my age now i am wondering what is my life going on and what is my good moral do in my life.Maybe we can say we are not perfect human,we made all people made by god but is not perfect and fair.But god give us all what we need in life and mostly people not content of this.Thats why,now as this time have many changing creation.Is not god made but it is man made like now have some high tech technology like this computer it is made by man but man made by god maybe it is fair because of god we not here all human.Maybe we think all is made by god without him we cannot see,eat,walk,a and everything.So,i think life will pass by because we are not own our life it is from god if he want to get him back we cannot do, that why thanks god for all the problems and those happiness ,experiences come in life.I am happy you give this all trials,problems so that i can have some experiences and i can move on.By doing of my trust ,believe and loving you i will give my life to you.And hope you will obey all the time what i will need to do which in good things or bad things..We love you Jesus Christ and Merry Christmas everyone.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Nestle fresh milk

Hello guys,Merry Christmas to everybody and enjoy the holidays!You know and i know that we are knowing this Nestle fresh milk.AM i buying yesterday this fresh milk at neighbor town here in my town,and it is cost or worth 63.75 pesos at content 1000 ml.This fresh milk we can introduce to our family that we make milk expert for over 140 years experiences of this milk.Nestle fresh milk 100 percent fresh cow's milk.And it is build stronger and healthier to our bones.And also helps in our calcium strengthening in our child's bones and milk is one of the sources of calcium.And also to our mother this is good also to our health.Like me i like this to drink because it is good and it is from cow's milk and it is imported milk produced from new Zealand and for nestle Philippines Inc.

Counting hour before Christmas

Here now at Philippines is ready for the celebration for the Jesus Christ was born.In later while it is Christmas time,and everybody busy for they preparing special food for the family.It's now counting hours and later all people will go to at church for the mass to celebrate the Christ was born.In midnight here 12 pm,it is the Christmas time here,until tomorrow midnight too..So i guess everybody will enjoy and happy that they are celebrating in whole family.

My experiences in my cheap cellphones

Hello guys,We know that every year have a Christmas once a year and this is the time have many sale,free or another that have less prices of the many things we need to buy or shopping and it is some of this are cellphones.Cellphones is a useful to everybody and also with me.Anyway,i am using a very cheap cellphones or we called this mobile phone but usually this is the common words cellphones.This is very nice for me it is not expensive we can deal if in case it will lost or gone.We know that everybody wanted a very nice cellphones and it is brand new.But if we consider a free cellphones this for Christmas.Yes,i am gladly that i can have free cellphones this year it is one buy take one it is very good .We can buy one and have free for one !Oh, yes,and its is affordable and very useful to everybody.Look guys if we always have everyday Christmas and have many things free or less prices for shopping it is really good to anyone and even it is a little have income they can afford .Usually if you buy one and you have another one and this one cellphones you can give this to another wanted cellphones and maybe this is the Christmas gift for those you wanted to give this things to our special someone or to our families or another relatives like that or maybe in neighbors .So guys,if you want to try this you can see and you can feel oh yes ,it is true..Have good shopping for this Christmas and enjoy the time that we celebrate the Jesus Christ was born and have good health everybody take care.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Nestle milo drink

Hi,anyone.I know nestle Milo is familiar to everybody but i want you know that Milo is my favorite to drink i was been buy this in a few days before i got sick in a little groceries here in my town. I like this very much because it is a tonic food drink and it is more nutritious and very delicious.And i was buy 600g and and it is worth of 115 pesos.And i like this very because it have natural goodness of Proto malt,milk,cocoa plus Actigen-E.And have also malt extract with a mixture of different types of carbohydrates that provide energy and nutrients and body needs.Have also combination of b vitamins and micronutrients and good source of niacin,phosphorus,iron and calcium level with enriched levels of vitamins B1,B6,B5,B8,Magnesium and Vitamin C to help optimize the release of energy from protein,carbohydrate and fat in our food this is Milo is from Philippines.While i have sick i was drink this and its very good to your body it can have added energy that is what i have been experiences and this what i was drink every morning.And my cousin she is now from USA Wisconsin,she been choice she was tying to a US Milo and she taste not good and she was prefer to Philippines Milo it is really good and very sweet.Have many kind of Milo,it have a chocolate bar,Milo drinks in can.and in Milo sachet.,or in bottle ,and etc..

Got sick

Hello,i didn't do blog in the past days because i got fever those flu.It was very heat over my the body and very pain my head.But i am ok now,so i hope it will continues and no more sick come into my body.It's not easy to have sick very tired your all body and you cannot eat normally only i was little.And i want to vomiting,but i didn't only i feel to vomit.The taste is bitter not good for food so i want to eat those sweet food .And i hate to drink this medicine it's because it is bitter but i cannot do if i will not to drink i will not well so i do to drink and now i am feel better.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Life of chicken

Hi guys,its me again.We know that chicken have many speciality food can make.Like chicken curry,fried chicken, and chicken soup etc.But all of this i don' know how to cook.I just only know to boil this eggs and fried eggs.Fried eggs can make sandwich to a bread.Usually this fried egg is easy to cook too.This usually we eat this at morning in breakfast time.

Help me!

Hi,guys..I am a young wife that need to know more about married life.Please help me guys.I have a problem to make food or to cook food like special food.I can manage to prepared the ingredients but I am worried the taste i cannot do that.I can do that simple food,like cook rice usually this easy to make but they other i know is fried the fish,or the other food that coke easy.I want to make special food and good ingredients but how i will probably problem this taste.I cannot adjust to put the salt or the other thing to put at the food to make the taste better.Please guys help me if you have time to put some idea or comment here i will be very thankful..

One week before christmas

From now,one week before Christmas time,many people busy to prepare food for "nuche buena",they will go to shopping at mall they other stay at city like in Manila City.I heard now at news much people they problem now the stocks of the groceries no more stocks for the food for preparing this coming Christmas.Mostly at city they want at mall or market but here at province only here at town buy some food for this.We counting now the days before the Christmas.Some people prepared for the present things to give there special someone for the parents ,couple,daughter,son,grandfather,grandmother,aunt,uncle and neighbor and other relatives because this is the special day for sharing love,sharing blessing.Mostly this is the happiness that all moment in Christmas have all family binds together.Celebrating the time when Jesus Christ was born.Having fun!Enjoy the happiness this time if all family have stay together.But for me many Christmas maybe i am unhappy,this last Christmas i am staying with my boss not to my family.And my family too not celebrate this time only they are sleeping.Because after father got sick,we are problem with us financial and medicine for him.The income for my brother not exactly and me i am also give a little for the consume only everyday with them.No more extra to have some special food to celebrate.But its ok,even we problem this we also thankful to god that we are still alive to continue life ,i know god stay with us all the time we know,he have for all to help to listen if we pray we hope next Christmas my family binds together and accept that this is the destiny with father life hopefully that we have always good health,we can 3 times a more sick,no more accident if have some little problem i hope it will solve then.I am hoping that this Christmas i will be in my husband but so sad i was denying my visa,i was crying the time i was receive the visa and was think to that we have chances that my visa granted soon maybe god have some reason why it is happen. But very sad that my husband celebrate alone this Christmas.He got angry and sad he was expecting that i will be come him this Christmas but he thinks too that this is not the end of the world we have many chances time,but we need to wait.We have no choice we need to wait soon and pray that my visa it will granted.This is the another challenging in life that stay faraway with my dear husband and long time didn't meet again.Since we are married on last June until now we did not meet again.Maybe there some reason why god do this way with us....

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


We have a nice ocean here at Leyte . We have nice three island here near at Hilongos.On e hour travel by a boat. W e haven't been before when my husband here at second visit and after our married.The family of my boss will join two,the 2 kids John and Dimple.It is a nice place,nice white sand and clean water.Me and my boss taking pictures to a very nice surrounding and very like to swim there.But it was very funny because we are 6 company riding in a small boat,it is difficult because have two kids and worried it will have accident but thanks god no more happen.We are enjoying there and have fun.My husband planned to back there very nice place.So, hope so it will.


I am real Filipino both my parents too.But real Filipino are color "kayummanggi" in Tagalog version.Which it is called too" morena ",but its a tanned color not negra. In my youngest years i hate my color because there some little kids say that i am very ugly,very dark they will say that they will not see with at night time because i am negra. From,i was left at mountain i was went down at town to having work as a housemaid,then at age of 13 years old i been working as housemaid is not easy from the beginning but i need to do. Then ,my boss say if i want to school at night so i agree i am interesting to do this to finish school even only high school and that's why i do now.Then,some saying that i am pretty but i don't know if they are kidding my eyes is beautiful the color of my skin is nice they will say,so i just imagine i am not ugly ,is not to my outside personality only we will look for the eyes if we can say that woman having good humor or attitude.That is what my inspiration to my husband that he accept even i am like this. Even some people say i will thankful that my husband marry me even i am negra, ugly,but i don't care about it they will say,i will go on my life.

At mall

From the church of mama Mary,we been too at SM mall of Cebu.At the shop ,we been noticing have a Christmas tree and Santa Clause say "hand off",then we only take a picture with Dimple the daughter of my boss.Its funny we just take pictures for this,no more here at house of my boss.We just eat only there and my boss buy something like clothes and etc.But me i didn't buy it's because i don't budget,i have some needed but i will always think must better i first bring father at doctor. I don't have income only this transfer of my husband.I want to work but my husband not agree and some they will not accept with me if they know that i am married they need single.So, i have no choice stay here at my aunties house and waiting at the visa.It is a boring but now i do this blog so that i will not feel boring and i can manage my speaking in English even not exactly at grammar.Just do it every morning sweep outside all surrounding and do housework here too and chat to my husband then.


We haven't too visit a friend at this time first visit him.On the way ,he was took a pictures with me.,that i am walking after with him at those friend too .We have seen to carabao at that way and i was took pictures with him near at carabao.As we know this animal is carabao which the cause why my father fall down from tree to get this leaves to feed this.But this carabao was sale but not exactly can pay for the payment of hospital ,medicine and etc.We can say that if this carabao not come in life of father maybe father still walk now.But i just think i say to myself maybe god have things why it will be happen that is i did not know. A carabao is a useful animal for the farmer,to do the pot of rice and pot of rice corn and everything,can carry heavy thing. But it is sad too,this animal can cause that father can't walk.I can't accept at the beginning but we have to.I believe that god did not give problem with us if we cannot do to solve it..Is it i am right?Maybe we need to accept this situation and need to move on just life goes on. Everybody have problem different problem but some can mange to solve some it will not. Then i have been thinking maybe this the trials came in life of father if he can manage.My family have many problem from the beginning too but its ok father still ok no more sick before mother always got sick and also now.So,now family is one of the problem financial,but also support with us my brother do a coconut wine from coconut tree which father before do this.But this is can"t survive,my husband transfer with me a little money i have been sending little too with them but this is enough.That's why we hopefully i can get visa granted so that i will travel soon to my husband and study there language and have goo d work soon and save for this.

At mountain

From the beginning,my husband visit at mountain for my family this the first visit with me.H e was took a pictures to my father,that sat down and cannot walk it's very pity to think and imagine that hopefully father did fall from tree so that he can walk until now.He is pity too he cannot talk English he is only grade one.He was not aware at school because my grandmother not obey with him to school.When my husband was there only smiling and did notBU talk my father.My father is best all over the world he is good man ,just work for with us.But this accident just we haven't now maybe this is his destiny.But, i guess so,my husband planned to bring him back at doctor but we need to save some more money it's because very expensive to have operation again.My husband is poor too,having work but it's normal so he offer me to help soon if i can find too work with them at his place.But,this sooner when it will be happen because i was deny my first visa,then i didn't know this next visa and all i can say hopefully it will be granted as soon as possible.Because if we will try and try it will be succeed.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Hi,everyone..I am been up 2 am at this morning very early because my stomach pain ,i was went at comfort room.Then,i have my mens ,in every month i have this period time always sick my stomach.Why is it will be happen?What is the cause?Here,in Leyte this called "Dismenoria"that i s Bisaya and i don't know in English ,if what is it mean?And the date of my mens not exactly in every months .Do you think mind have something wrong or this is normal?I have been asking to myself because if i have period many blood will out.Should i need to go at doctor to have check up myself?I have no idea of this ,because from the beginning when i am starting menstration i have been this many blood out .So,i am hoping that i am ok?Every mens too i am also feel very tired,want to vomiting and another time i was do it vomiting.I want to sleep this time i cannot work and doing something because of pain and my day always not good mood..This will be happen to another woman too?

Mama Mary church

This past week,i was been at Cebu.I was join to my boss,her husband and two kids.We was planned to visit the church of Mama Mary which its called here" Simala".We was sacrifice to go there to have some blessing to come and bless my visa it will be granted.This church look like palace,it's very nice at inside of this church.If you notice this pictures where i am standing now,the view of this church at the mountain or hills.Much people go there to pray and thanks giving for the blessing come in life.
Mama Mary is a saints that she is crying,there some sick gone because they are prayer and sacrifice to visit her church .Much people saying thanks Mama Mary for being me well in sick and some for granted their visa.And i was pray that Mama Mary hopefully by your blessing it will be granted my visa soon,it's because i do missing my husband very much.Before my first applying visa was deny hopefully this next will be granted.We are expecting this time my visa will granted but so sad it was deny,we are expecting too that i will be at Christmas at the place of my husband.And i am hoping Mama Mary that my father can walk soon and gone his sick,and it will be solve our problem of my family.And also i am hoping that i will accept soon the climate,the food,and have good life with my husband which is happy,understanding,if have some problems it will be solve then and have some good job soon it because i will help my family and i want father bring back at doctor and have operation,i hope i can save money for this.Thanks for all mama Mary i hope ,i have good health everyday also my family and my husband.

Some pictures in our wedding

This the accessories of my husband,and mind too..

Second time meeting in person

At the time that he will back to meet and want to marry with me.He want me to go the international airport of manila to meet him there at in person then we need to go also at Royal Norwegian Embassy to get this Legal Capacity to Marry.Then,another day we was go home here at Leyte to process the documents to marry.And is not easy to marry have some seminars we was do seminars here at church of Hilongos. At last time,our wedding was settle on June 16,2008 at this year,at the time 2 pm the location at the church of Hilongos and my priest was Father Hope.And our reception at the back of the church.,the gym of Saint Theresa School.And after the wedding having still 3 days he will need to go home at Norway.It's been so sad we just spend only few days stay close with us.He will supposed to return at Norway at 21 of June but he cannot travel because having a stormy those time.But we just decided to go at Tacloban for the travel in that next day.He was left 20 of June here at Hilongos,but he was left at Philippines June 23,its because his ticket they need to refund.So,those time it is a day that my tears not gone,I was feel alone,crying because its really hard to stay faraway to our beloved husband but I cannot do we need to wait until I got visa.Anyway,I have been applying visa this is called "Entry visa"but i am denying,its also sad day we are expecting i can spent our Christmas there with him .And now,I am applying again this another visa which it called "Family Reunification and hopefully it will be granted soon so that I can travel on the way to my husband.

Monday, December 15, 2008

First meeting

At this time,the daughter of my boss ,Frances Marian was been sick,she was bring at the divine hospital at tacloban.She was been sick dengue.At the right side is her mother and my boss,and me too.My husband taking pictures with us and he was afraid if he will got that sick and so funny he ask and ask where the from that sick?So,my boss explain that sick are from mosquito.And if you will bite of that maybe that is the cause can got dengue fever.At this time,Philippines mostly have some news that there some kids got sick because of this.
And after,we decided to go out and take lunch,we are very hungry because we have been traveling 3 hours from hilongos to tacloban.

First meeting

At first time meeting to my husband,we was visiting my family at mountain that he will meet my family.At that time ,we have friends join with us.He bring some foods for the mountain and take time there,looking for the surrounding view,in mountain have a nice place,have good looking like the nice hill,he likes to climb there,have a fresh air there no more factory,jeep etc.

My father

My father's name,Romulo Satore Larona.He is a farmer but he cannot work now because he was injured his right thigh was cut the bone.I can't bring back at doctor because of financial problem. Since 2005 until now he cannot walk back,its very pity but I have nothing to do.I need to wait if i can find job soon hopefully i bring father back at doctor and have operation again.

My experiences in life

Tonight,here at Philippines i have been thinking and make a blog here.I am thinking my experiences in life as far I am a poor innocent girl I was do the right way to make a working student,I was been graduating on April 2006,at Hilongos National Vocational School Hilongos Night Curriculum.In behalf to my responsible boss,she is very kind to me.She have two kids,John Clark and Frances Marian.Both of them are at grade school now.Imagine since 2001 when I was starting to be a working student with them and this two kids starting free school,John Clark at that time was a very naughty boy and he as at kinder one and the one she is Frances Marian at nursery two.
Then,I have many experiences as a working it was not easy,because in my situation before work at day,while was doing housework laundry time and in the time having exam I was do memorize study hard so that i can have a good average and I was do that,anyway this school is for a working student but not all ,there some was not working,and they can study focus,but me I was do set apart my mind to a work to my school,its was been very hard to do this but I was think and I was say to myself this life and i can do many experiences so that soon from now and on I can do independent to my own standing in life.After I was finish high school ,mother choose me to went manila and have a good job there but as usual I was not successful to have a better work its because of my profession its only high school.I was applying many company like jollibee and I was denying at interview then I was try to apply at factory at Imus Cavite,but the contract of this for the apprentice was only 6 months and I was good job I was only extend one month but after that I was stop and saw to a housemaid but I did not stay long I was decided to go home.Even I was manila my salary give and send to my family for financial and medicine ,food for them ..Look like at I was working student at the mean time I was support too my family before because its a very poor family.
And I was back to my boss before,I was searching at internet to have friend and to meet nice man who will love me forever.I was back at sept.26 from manila then I was do practicing typing at computer at week then I was back at my boss and I was found my dear husband,he is a Norwegian,59 of age. I was meet at the of cherry blossoms and he was first visit with at FEB.6 2007 and spent his vacation with me.Then ,the second visit with he was decided to marry me.. I was marry June 16 at this year 2008 at my age 20,but June 20 it was my birthday too and he was return to Norway.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Life is full of up and down

I am Julieta from Philippines.I am 21 years old,married.Graduating only in high school,5'5" i think my height and tanned the color of my skin.I am not good looking at personality but i have very good deeply inside attitude.I am tying to do this blog even i am only high school graduate,not so good in English but i want to try so that i can learn and progress my grammar.I believe that try and try until i will success.I choose to make title "life is full of up and down" because this is like at the situation in my family.First of all,i am from very poor family live at mountain.My father is a farmer,mother is a housekeeper.I am the eldest daughter and only one sister the third one and 4 brothers.In Philippines mostly Filipino here are poor.And one of this my family,my little house at mountain at Aguingay Alegria Bato Leyte Philippines 6524.From now,we are belong at life full down,even we are poor and i am willing to finish school as a working student,work at day then at night at school here at Hilongos VOcational School Hilongos Leyte.
while was i am at the time that the final year that i will graduate so sad my father was accident at that year 2005,he was getting the leaves of the top tree so that,he will want to feed the carabao but in accidentlly the intirely tree was cut and fall down then the right thigh of my father was cut the bone and this time and this place no more people living but father do thing that he can move to have people and he was got then he bring at general hospital at Hilongos Leyte.But doctor was said that we will transfer at maasin city hospital and very problem with my family is financial so this time mother was decided to stop me at school but i was say ;mother i don't want to stop even i will stop i cannot well father and i always advance money to my boss and even i don't have more money because i was supposed to give them for the needed at hospital.Then,of helping in my relatives father got operation then he was supposed to stay at hospital to well but mother was decided to go home because no more budget to still stay long at hospital..While got home he have some medicine want to take but no more budget to support that,thats why until now my father cannot well,almost 4 years we did not bring father back at doctor to check if what happenned his thigh now.I am hopefully i can got work soon so that i can't bring father at doctor and have operation but i didn't know when it will be happen.i am only graduate in high school.