Monday, December 15, 2008

First meeting

At this time,the daughter of my boss ,Frances Marian was been sick,she was bring at the divine hospital at tacloban.She was been sick dengue.At the right side is her mother and my boss,and me too.My husband taking pictures with us and he was afraid if he will got that sick and so funny he ask and ask where the from that sick?So,my boss explain that sick are from mosquito.And if you will bite of that maybe that is the cause can got dengue fever.At this time,Philippines mostly have some news that there some kids got sick because of this.
And after,we decided to go out and take lunch,we are very hungry because we have been traveling 3 hours from hilongos to tacloban.

First meeting

At first time meeting to my husband,we was visiting my family at mountain that he will meet my family.At that time ,we have friends join with us.He bring some foods for the mountain and take time there,looking for the surrounding view,in mountain have a nice place,have good looking like the nice hill,he likes to climb there,have a fresh air there no more factory,jeep etc.

My father

My father's name,Romulo Satore Larona.He is a farmer but he cannot work now because he was injured his right thigh was cut the bone.I can't bring back at doctor because of financial problem. Since 2005 until now he cannot walk back,its very pity but I have nothing to do.I need to wait if i can find job soon hopefully i bring father back at doctor and have operation again.

My experiences in life

Tonight,here at Philippines i have been thinking and make a blog here.I am thinking my experiences in life as far I am a poor innocent girl I was do the right way to make a working student,I was been graduating on April 2006,at Hilongos National Vocational School Hilongos Night Curriculum.In behalf to my responsible boss,she is very kind to me.She have two kids,John Clark and Frances Marian.Both of them are at grade school now.Imagine since 2001 when I was starting to be a working student with them and this two kids starting free school,John Clark at that time was a very naughty boy and he as at kinder one and the one she is Frances Marian at nursery two.
Then,I have many experiences as a working it was not easy,because in my situation before work at day,while was doing housework laundry time and in the time having exam I was do memorize study hard so that i can have a good average and I was do that,anyway this school is for a working student but not all ,there some was not working,and they can study focus,but me I was do set apart my mind to a work to my school,its was been very hard to do this but I was think and I was say to myself this life and i can do many experiences so that soon from now and on I can do independent to my own standing in life.After I was finish high school ,mother choose me to went manila and have a good job there but as usual I was not successful to have a better work its because of my profession its only high school.I was applying many company like jollibee and I was denying at interview then I was try to apply at factory at Imus Cavite,but the contract of this for the apprentice was only 6 months and I was good job I was only extend one month but after that I was stop and saw to a housemaid but I did not stay long I was decided to go home.Even I was manila my salary give and send to my family for financial and medicine ,food for them ..Look like at I was working student at the mean time I was support too my family before because its a very poor family.
And I was back to my boss before,I was searching at internet to have friend and to meet nice man who will love me forever.I was back at sept.26 from manila then I was do practicing typing at computer at week then I was back at my boss and I was found my dear husband,he is a Norwegian,59 of age. I was meet at the of cherry blossoms and he was first visit with at FEB.6 2007 and spent his vacation with me.Then ,the second visit with he was decided to marry me.. I was marry June 16 at this year 2008 at my age 20,but June 20 it was my birthday too and he was return to Norway.