Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I am back

Hello guys,i am now here to do blog.Yesterday i did not doing this blog it is because i haven't problem of my monitor at my aunties house about this screen having many colorful.So i think this computer no need to fixed more because it is been long time did not used before i do to connect the internet again.As my cousin say when she been using before it is always having problem so i guess no need to spent and wasting money again to fixed this it will be useless if i will be doing to do it again.I am here now at my boss house,i am here because i am the one to keep her two kids and the house she having a working student like me before but my boss not trust her so much then she been asking and favored with me to stay here while she leaving out of the town.Which is called here big city at cebu where her husband stay there for studying and review then they want to visit at Mama Mary church at Simala when we been before.Then i will be back home then at house of aunties when they back here too my boss at house.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday again

Hi guys,It's Monday again.This day the first time go back at work and school.And usually for the people not working and studying look like me only at house you can feel very tired day and not everyday it is every second very tired waiting for the time will be passing quickly.As my situation now i am complaining to my hubby that as he knows that i am very tired now of waiting this visa then he also said that he too very tired of waiting but he said that he never give up and he said too with me be positive,think for the future that we will be together soon and staying forever.And i am hoping this time but still feel very boring and lonely time not this day but for this past and coming more days.Well,this is the one i need to face off waiting very long time and i am hoping to myself that help me god that i can manage all this not today and also for the coming many days.Oh no,sometimes i am complaining in myself that if i know before is very hard and very difficult to inlove a man stay farway with me maybe i did not want to do myself to having this relationship but this what i been having now,nothing i can do as now or no more choice i need to wait.Everyday and every night i am thinking very much and asking myself what my life going on if no more partner forever.You know guys as i been experiencing for the few time we been spending my partner last time we meeting it is very different if you are alone.As my experience and i been feel it's very happy if you having partner in life.For the happines both of us and sharing everytime for the sadness and happiness everyday.I miss the things that my partner is always in my side.Wow,it is a big diffirent but i know as a married life it is normal having disappointed,misunderstanding.Well,this is my first step and i don't know what will be going on in the future we can see that soon guys.Today,i am only doing little housework,normally staying here at inside at house.And ofcoures also tomorrow and thinking much about for the coming days what i need to be doing soon.Happy Monday everybody.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Hi guys,It's a Sunday today again.First of all i wanna say thank you for those who was followed my blog.Thank you so much of you all.I am here now to do this blog as usual is all about only what i been doing everyday and what is happening in my life in everyminute and every day.Because it is Sunday today here at Philippines we been at church with my aunties,uncle too.In our neighbor town,which it is fiesta today for the Senior Santo Nino.He is little Jesus Christ.This place we called this Bato Leyte,I was born at province and part of Bato.We lived at mountain in Bato.And my family will be still staying there now.And i am now here at Matalom Leyte town .I been suppossed here to stay it is because it's having anyway this old computer that long time my cousin been using this after she been leaving here at Philippines.Then,i been also today at mountain to go there to look this school ID to my classmate were i having this before.Then i am forgot now where i been putting this and i don't know now.This ID is very important to my classmate she will be getting passport then the one of the requiremets is old ID.And until now,i didn't see it and i am worried now,must better i been keeping safely.But oh no,where is this things! I am worried now to my classmate she is crying she been texting now in my cheap mobile phone.Oh my god,help me.!I hope i can remember where is this now.Happy Sunday guys..Diva senior!!!!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Weekend again

Hi guys,weekend again today.I wasn't do a blog yesterday.I been visiting again my boss house again.Then we were travelled too at city almost one hours.I did not open this computer too becuase i wasn't doing well.Not feel i am been travelling.So i was supposed to sleep early last night.And i am not comfortable also to use now this computer i am afraid and worried because having a problem again about this screen had a many color and i don't know why?Maybe it is also the one can broked again this.And fix again!Oh my god,this computer is old and long time not yet been using after my cousin leaving went at USA.I think one reason of this it is because long time not been using or eithier the monitor having a problem.Oh no!I don't know what i should br doing now.I have much spent this i been buying a memory.Maybe i need to off the line of internetconnection if incase it will be broked again this computer.But my problem is it is one month already i did to install this internetconnection and i had contract and mostly one year.And then even it you want to close it it will be continued the payment of this.Oh no! must better i will be prefered at the internet cafe.But most of the time having i cannot go and far also here the cafe that also what i am worried.Almost we will be chatting my hubby at night i cannot do to stay at net until midnight the cafe will be closed this time.Oh my god,what should i need to do.But i will be tried at another man to fix this computer maybe having some chances to do it.Ok guys,happy weekend.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thursday again!

Hello guys,it is now Thursday again.As far i been posted yesterday my life issues maybe mostly of you cannot understand or misunderstand what i been mean but actually don't matter at all this is my business.As i been always saying my blog it's part my real life what i will be doing as now,later,tomorrow,yesterday and everyday.As usual i been wake up this morning at 7 am then i was doing only clean and sweeping the inside and outside of the house.Then i been recieved text messages in my cheap mobile phone that my dentist my braces she want me to go there clinic to having these elastic rubber to put in my braces to close properly the gap.Well,after i been there at clinic i been also visiting my boss and talking for everything.And i been buying her garage sale blouses.It already use and she wanted to sale becuase she don't like anymore.It is we called also second hand but it is still nice and clean.I been thinking also i don't having much blouses for suiting at travelling and at church too.Then,it's alright becuase it can be useful all this for me and i liked also blouses.And everything it is so fine i enjoyed suiting all this,it is also fit with me and very nice looking in my body becuase i am slim too.As all you know,before i didn't used sexy blouses i just want only simple clothes but after i been meeting my hubby i am very loved to use sexy blouses.Hubby wanted and liked to see with me i am wearing sexy blouses and dresses.He been saying it is very nice and very fit with me.So,maybe he is my inspirations why i been doing this now.Well guys,my life is very historiable maybe look like artist but i having only my own movie.I know we are artist but we had own movie in life..Hehehe...I don't know if i am right what i am talking about movie.But seriously,yes i think because we had all problems but not the same at all.But i beleived that God not gives strength if not having solutions.Having a nice Thursday everyone and stay foot all..

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My life issues,did i been having mistakes?

Hello guys,Wednesday again.First of all i wanna to thanks again those who been gives with me some comments and advices.I been thankful those been comments in my blog and having a very nice messages that i can make up myself and understand now.And now,i want to write this is about my life issues and did i been having mistakes?Well,about my mother is a part of my life issues too but this not part in my family but this is also part in my life.We just consider this part in my sorrounding that become friend in a few while.Which i mean i have a friend,this friend is not long time friend but we been friend when my hubby come.First before i been meeting my hubby in person,we been chatting almost 5 months,i recalled after i been graduating from high school i been left in my boss to went at manila but after more than one years i been back with my boss again,this boss when i been a working student so i mean we chatting in my hubby i am already finish high school and work in boss as a housemaid.Then i been starting chatting to my hubby at internet cafe almost 5 months.Then he been finalized that he will be coming here at Philippines to spent his vacation with me.But after few days he been telling with me that his friend having a friend to joined him to go here at Philippines.So meaning this man is not his real friend,only my friend of hubby having a friend that willing to joined him which his name is Jetro.So,the time he been arrived here at Bato Leyte pier i am the one meeting with them.From the first day we meeting my hubby is not comfortable because of this companion he the one to take care with him.This man is older than my hubby.And this man willing and searching a nice woman to be marry.At the second day and night my hubby want to go at internet cafe because he want to chat his son that stay his house alone,so we are joined at cafe and also Jetro.Before,i can noticed that some girls chatting also at net we been meeting and seeing only at eyes and not a friend and she know that i am chatting to my hubby.While we are at cafe i been seeing this girl that i mean,she been seeing with me and asking,that a man you been chatting?Then,i been answering too yes he is,and this girl are chatting with her boyfriend from Australia,then my hubby is a friendly he been saying hi with them which girl i been talking and she having also comapanion.While my hubby chatting to his son,this girl been asking that other man?Oh yes,he is searching too a woman who willing to marry what i am said with her.So this time we becoming friend and she been joined with me and her companion too.While this two girls joined with us in everyday when the time my hubby with me.After few days they will be decided to go at Cebu city to know that days of there pane tickets but we are not planning i will be joined with them we been only at pier but i been saying to my hubby that i can joined with you?Then,my hubby said yes,then Jetro he want this girl to joined too but she want to talk her mother so,she will been following at next day.This girl,ask to Jetro which he likes she or his girl companion the Jetro answered she is.Then,this time we been friend where we stay at Cebu and we don't know about her character.She want,what ever she want to demand Jetro will agree but my hubby will be adviced to him not all the time gived her demand.So this time this girl getting angry to my hubby.This girl,many words saying not good to heard that Jetro is look like granpa,and everything.Then the time both my hubby needed to go back at Norway and we need to back too at Leyte.So this time we are still friend,and i am back also in my boss house,she knows that i am working.After we been arrived and we was talking to my boss all about happening at cebu and having some misunderstanding this girl to my hubby.And about her character and some words that she saying.But i did not know that the sister of this girl is a classmates of my boss before so we been talking also what i been talking what happening about at Cebu.And she always visiting at my boss i cannot intertain with here because i having much work,she want i will be joined with her anywhere.But i cannot follow her always not because i am work,my boss not also agree i will be joined with her because of her attitude.And she was getting upset with me,and also those time that her boyfriend called at mobile and i been shouting she have boyfriend at her side and those Australiano heard and stop calling and chatting with her.But this time she did not tell to Jetro that she having boyfriend she says only friend.So,i just think that while i am shouting it is ok because i just think it's a friend.But for a while days she been blaming with me that her boyfriend stop communicating with her because of i been saying.Until that she can heard saying for another people not good for her that she think too that i am the one telling to people but i just only discussing to my boss no another.Until she been married she did not inviting with me,until i got much text messages in my mobile that i am back fighter she don't want back figther.And then i got email from her not good doing with me,she was said i did not become woman ,i will be not wearing sexy clothes if my hubby not come.And she said also with me i will be thankful even i am negra,ugly and feeling sexy my hubby married with me.That i am negra live at mountain and now i been changed it's because my hubby is come.Much people saying that i been changed now not like before no more caring at body.She have been sending email not good with me,even having much woman meeted to hubby why is it my hubby married to me i am very ugly and negra.You know even she been sending with me many messages not good i never answer with her.I just keep and stay cool because i did not like i having enemies.But i been telling all this to my hubby and also the husband of this girl was saying to my hubby that Jetro will be stoping communicating to my hubby. So they thinks this girl become crazy.And the time we been church and she's too she been shouting with me ,Oh how are you negra? She been do that with me then i getting angry this time i been answering so what i am negra!And my hubby know this,he been telling with me stop reply her email,and communicating with her,and hubby thinks maybe she get jaelous with me..And i don't know why?All happening about i been asking my self did i am mistake?And why she been doing all of this with me..And she thinks also JeTRO AND SHE are destiny! Is it right?But my boss she was saying is because i am saying that oh this man are willing also to marry a filipina..Is it my boss are right?I need some answered to this question.Until now we been having disappointed and misunderstanding each other.Happy Wednesday guys i hope you will understand my blog now and sorry it is so very long..

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Did my decision was been wrong?

Hello guys,it is Tuesday again.First of all i wanna to thank again to those who been commenting and send a very nice messages and also advice with me.As a new blogger here but not so totally new.My blog here it is all about happening in my life,everyday ,tomorrow,yesterday,before,last time.Today,i am doing laundry,first my auntie make a laundry with there clothes then i am helping too.Then,after that i am laundrying my many dirty clothes i been finished almost 4 pm here at Philippines.While i am doing visited many sites here at EC i been thinking what i need to post here tonight.Any way,this blog is about my life is full up and down.Regarding about problems,is not financially i been always thinking and also i been always thinking did my decision was been wrong?From the beginning,before we been meeting my hubby in person i been sharing with him all my background that i am a working student,work as a housemaid,very poor family,i am the eldest out of 4 brothers and one sister,my father was been accident,so because father was been accident we having problem finnacial as this time and while i am studying my little salary i supposed to give them and about my personality i am tanned and having spots of my leegs so meaning i am not flawless,not good looking face,simple and conservative.Then,my hubby was been told me he is not poor,he is not rich he is normal and having good job at newspaper,he was said too he don't care all about my background he wanted a nice woman, kind,fit,slim.I don't want to shared this with you all but i want to express my deeply feeling about my situation now i am marrying a Norwegian man but is not easy!You know why much people thinking if we are marrying foreign man they are thinking we had much money.I am talking now about this did my decision was wrong?From we been meeting to my hubby at first time we been visiting at mountain to my family.Then,this time we been talking my mother and she was said she don't like him then i been shocked and realizing why?Until the time my hubby was decided to marry with me and prupose only at chat,then i been agreed and was said yes,why not!Until he was back here at Philippines on june 2008 to marry with me.Hubby wanted only simple wedding not much people and we are budgeting about money.The tradition here at Phils,much food to prepared because much people will attend.We been quarel to my mother about budgeting she was not agreed to the money i was giving here for food at mountain it's because she think is not enough and i been crying and hubby worried and he decided the money for food at mountain must better to save it and maybe can used it for everything for food ,medicine and for connect power but mother was said she was already inviting for many relatives and neighbors for this ocassion so the party at mountain continued and they was using those only money and they can do budgeting.And while many months from we been married,no more changed my situation now and hubby supporting for only with me.But because the sitaution of my family needed, i shared the little transferring with them and it is not enough with them.They think now hubby is very cheaped man.Because only little transferring i got.Last time,we been talking about those filipina girl married foreigner and mother she was compared that why this woman can do connect electricity power,buy a lot and making house,then they can recieve much money.And she said,i told you before that she don't like my hubby.She thinks that my hubby is cheap man.She blame with me must better i did not marry with him,must better i marry as like with me filipino it's becuase it is the same my situation now.Then,i been crying last day when we been quarell again and talk about financial,and she was said again must better i am marrying filipino,but we have nothing can do now because i am already with him.She blame with me that i am wrong to marry my hubby and i did not listening with her before and she said too she did not believe to my hubby.And i'd always thinking now,what i been wrong?It's because i marry a norwegian man then he is cheap?Did i am wrong to decide to chose him as my partner!Yeah,he is older than with me and also to my parents.Did i am doing wrong that i been following my real feeling with him.!He is only man i been meeting about relationship and what is the wrong i decided?I know age doesn't matter but why my mother do this to me?Even mother do this with me but she still my mother.Sometimes i can answer with her then she thinks that i am changing now,so i just keep only my words not to answer with her.And i am only crying,every night i will be crying thinking all about this blaming,blaming.Sorry i having writed here some hurtly words but this is what happened with me now.Is not easy to fall in love to foreign man.As my experiences now it's very difficult.Happy Tuesday guys.

Monday, January 19, 2009


Hi guys,it is Monday today the first day to going work and school.But in my situation now no more job and stop studying is not so busy day.This day i been up at 7 am again likewise yesterday,but i been doing only open the curtain at window and sweep inside and outside of the house.After eating breakfast ofcoures wash the dishes then.Then,i have no choice to stay inside here in room open this computer then visit the many site here of EC.Today is my second day of my mens is not so painful i feels little good and hope so it will be over.As a wife is not easy to stay faraway with our partner i feel very lonely,very boring.It's very tired waiting the confirmation of visa like last time we are expecting also my hubby then when the time i was got the letter from embassy i was feels not comfortable while i was reading the letter then i read this words,the Royal embassy of manila was sadly to rejected this application.Then,i didn't cry at this time because i am not alone when the the time i been alone and it is overnight i been crying.And now waiting again,then i don't know the result again this time.You know what is the reason why my visa was rejected it's only is not long time we spent time living with my partner,then how come my partner can stay long time with me he had work and only few days vacation in a year.Hubby angry about this but he think no choice we need to accept.Yeah,waiting so long time and as i said to hubby i am tired waiting and he also tired of waiting.How ever is not the end of the world of waiting ,i know and i hope so i can get this visa soon.Hope so God i will have this visa soon as possible.Happy Monday anyone.

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Hello guys,it is now Sunday and we been at church this morning with my auntie and uncle.I been up this morning at 7 am,my auntie wake up with me and she ask i will be joined with them or not.But I said her that if have much time i prepared myself and wash.Then auntie said,yes we have much time still then i just brush my teeth,wash my face and body which it is called also half bath.Then we go to at church quarter to 8 am,the mass will be started at 8 am.We been arrived at church no more yet much people.And when it was starting already i was feels my stomach was painful until now anyway.By the way,today is our mad day.I hated to having this menstration period.It's becuase i will feel this stomach very painful and also mind.I will be getting mad,not good mood,i feel very tired my body and getting lazy.I want always laydown in this time.Then,one things i don't like sometimes i wanna to vomit,like today i been sweeping outside i was feels i needed to vomited but it's only feel.Menstration time is not easy with me,like now while i am typing here,my head not good,my stomach is painful and ofcoures mind too.Every period time i will be like this,before i been vomiting.And i just feel now to vomit but not totally.But as a woman i have no choice this is me and need to accept.I must thinking when i will be at Norway to my husband place,i know this country is the coldest place.Then,i don't have idea as now if i can accept this cold.Then,when the time i will be have this mens i don't like the cold,i don't want to shower anyway. I just only wash mind,because as i said my stomach painful and mind too.My hubby not like lazy wife,then i been telling him that if i have this mens i will be getting lazy,and feel tired.My mens it will be takes 5 to 6 days will be over.I am curious for this days i don't have shower,but my hubby said there in his place not always takes shower it is because no more sweat.Oh yes,it is becuase not like here at Philippines always very hot and there it is cold.So,i always hope so i can accept there and stay long with him,hopefully successful married and will be forever.And i hope so this situation of my mens will be ok there.Well,guys are you having a problem with in menstration time?Here in Philippines,it is called this disminoria and i don't know this in English words.Okay guys i need to stop writing here and then i need to rest little.See you guys next time..Have a nice Sunday everyone.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Hello,everybody.It is weekend again and tomorrow church time too.Here now at Philippines still always raining.Maybe it become one month always raining.We know and i know somebody heard about the news some part here at Davao having big flood and landslide and it is so very pity of many residence stay this place.There houses,farms and everything.But we are thankful that we are faraway this accident.It is January now and why is it look like on December the weather now?And i don't know this and no idea.Even we are having rainy days always here but is not like flood.But here before near at Maasin city we have been here also landslide.Many people died and some having wound too.Our life we did not know when we leaving in this world right?Only god knows all this if ever you do good and bad things in world.But anyway this is accident this god made is not people making.Rain now and winds blowed is very cold look like having s now.I just keep staying inside but i feels very cold.Some people say here that the snow at Amerika transfer here at Philippines.And i just imagine,wow what is the looked at Philippines having snow that we are prefer already very heat of sun.Well,it is only imagine but it is impossible.And now i been only stay here inside at house doing only little housework like cooking rice,wash dishes,sweep the floor inside at house and sit here visit the many site at the EC.I been watching one of the famous Tv show wowowee,and i was very interesting watching today it's because it is finalist of the fitrum show.Wow,they are very sexy and so beautiful girls and very lucky to those winner in miss fitrum 2008 constentant number 26,she lived at Davao.I think she can't believe it as i see and looked at tv screen ,she been crying becuase out of 28 contestant she is the one winner.Then, while i was watching of this show my stomach was pain and 2 times back at comfort room and i said to my aunties and she give me medicine and now it's better.Oh yes,this is now what i am doing today and heard and see and feel.After we been finished chatting to my hubby now,i direct to do this blog.And to all i can say happy weekend everybody.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday again

Hello guys,How are you all?I was not here yesterday because i was go to at mountain to my house with my mother.Yesterday morning was having good condition of weather no more rain even the sun not yet goes back but it is ok we can travel to go at mountain.And mother was very happy she got home,she don't like to stay here in my aunties house it because she was feels very boring.And when she got home she was happy to huges and kisses to our younger brother and also the second younger brother too.Even they are very naughty boys but mother very missing with them and also to our 2 big brothers and one sister.And ofcoures to my father,i was very missing also them becuase long time i am staying here at town,and faraway with them.I prefer to stay here at town because of my hubby while we are communication by using this computer and chatting and seeing at web cam only.Somestimes we having misunderstood and i know it is normal and he said too this is normal in married life.And also to my mother sometimes we are misunderstanding about everything and financially but all i can say with them i have no work and i can't help this only this little transferring to my hubby i shared only this my budget payment,food here in my auntie and also at mountain.Before we was leaving yesterday to go home at mountain i been already fix this computer at night but i did not used to operate and make blog it is because i was feel very tired .I been changed the memory of this computer because the memory cannot work out so i been buying a memory at a little city here.I been travelling to buy only this memory then it's work out now and make it format this computer.The man said maybe there having a virus that's why the memory was broked.And we left yesterday at morning after breakfast and we riding a motorbike this motorbike this is usually used to travelled at mountain.It's not easy to ride this but we will enjoyed too.I just slept one night at mountain i need to go down here at town because i got text messages in my cheap cellphone from my hubby that he was yesterday on chat.But i been responsed that i am at mountain and he said too we will see here on chat this afternoon today. We been chatting in a short time because he was doing to renowate his kitchen with his friend.And one reason too is the other neighbor place in my barranggay is feista today.I been visit the church and pray for the Senior Santo Nino.This barranggay or which is called also barrio i was been also school here at from kinder to grade graduate.I was meeting to our few classmates and they are already married and having some kids.Wow,life is so wonderful from younger kids and now they are having kids too.I just imagine when i can having baby?When i can have no more problem?I am thinking and comparing myself with them.Is it they have no more problem like i have now?They looked happy so i just imagine what there life goes on.Maybe they have problems but they are pretending and making still smiling.Oh yeah,i believed that laughter is the best medicine.So guys,i know we have any kind of problem and all i can say to all just keep smilling.And weekend time tomorrow and happy Friday.All of us here at Philippines happy pet Senior.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Wednesday again

Hi guys,i wanna say sorry that i was not here ysterday my computer having a problem and i can't open and now i am here at internet cafe.And also i wanna to thanks for my nice comments i got.I will fixing my computer as now.I don't know yet is what is the problem about this.But i hope so i can fix this as soon as possible.It's very difficult for me if i will always go here at internet cafe.So i hope i can do it as soon as possible.And also it's not easy for me with my hubby communicate because its depending his scheduled too at his work.Maybe i can visit here at blog as now if i am here at internet cafe.So see you guys, and stay SAFE and havin a nice Wednesday.

Monday, January 12, 2009

I am worried

Hello guys,now is Monday.First of all i wanna to thank to my new followers i got now and comments.I been appreciated to all of you.I know and we know sometimes we can feel worry about for everything.As my thoughts now,it is about my worry.As a young wife or a woman i will be always worried to my hubby if he still faithful with me.We are always chatting and seeing on a web cam.It is almost everyday but it is depends on the time of his work.As his words,he is always faithful he is not unfaithful.But sometimes i will been thinking maybe he is not.We are stay faraway each other and i cannot see him if he is still or not faithful.I was been applied entry visa and it was denied.Entry visa it can only process almost 3 months but mostly who been applying of this are also denied.I am now apply another visa which is called this Family Reunification.And i am waiting again and i am worried if it will be deny too.And i am very hoping so much it will be granted soon as possible.Family reunification visa are processing around of 8 months.It will be take so long more of waiting.And long time more again not to see each other.For me it is not good but i have no choice i need to wait.Then i looking forwarded to his place if i can accept and manage the climate there.Hubby said that it is a big different and changes with me there.About the food,custom and everything .His place is a coldest country.As what people i heard that Norway is very cold.I am worry about this if i can do this.How ever i am thinking that why people staying there they can survive and stay long.So, I think i can do that,maybe at first time i cannot.But hopefully this married will become successful and happy life.Have a great Monday everyone.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

My dreams

Hi guys,it is now Sunday.Sunday for the people who are catholic it is now time to go church.I am Christian catholic and my family too.But my hubby he is Christian protestant.We been marrying by mixed married.I think both of this having different belief.Even we have different name using to believe but all of us only having one god.As before when i was a little young girl.My dream to having good job and I was hoping too that i can meet a nice who are my first man and lover.My hubby now he is my only one man i been meeting in my life.Maybe you will not believed with me but i can say that's true.How ever my hubby he did not believed in the first time.But when we been meeting last years in 2007,i been explained that i never been meeting boyfriend.He was the one only i been meeting.I was tell him since i been leaving at mountain and was go down here at town i was been focusing my work and night study.I never felt love before.Even some of my classmate admired with me but i didn't felt anything.From i was starting as a working student and was study night high school and at day time work as a housemaid.This moment,it is very difficult to think it is not easy in like my age before.I been leaving at age of 13 years old after i been finished elementary school.I was leaving it's because i wanted to help some financial of my parents.But it was disguising and blessing some of one my employer was offered with me to work at day and night time studying.And at the meantime having a little salary then i supposed this to give at my parents.I am simple woman dreamed and wanted to help my parents and marry a nice man not rich of money but rich of love,care,passion and romance.Having happy families and successful married.I been sacrificed as working student even the time was came that father been accident i did not stop at school.I was thinking even i will be going to stop my father will not get well.As my age and profession i can't make it to having much income.Yes,i can work but as a housemaid and then the salary only little .And now i am a young wife that stay far away to my hubby.Stay boring without my lover.But i believe will be together soon and forever.Sometimes married life having up and down,in a bad and good days.Have a nice Sunday everybody.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Weekend again

Hello all,it's weekend again today.First of all i wanna to thank my new follower i got and also who the one to comment in my blog.Thank you so much all of you.I been shocked and happy because i got a new comment and follower.Even,i have a problems about the way by using my English speech here.The verbs,grammar and everything i been writing .But anyway,i believe i can manage this soon.Well,this blog is all about my life going on.Today it is Saturday and weekend day.And tomorrow it's Sunday church time.As today i been doing only cleaning outside and also inside the house.My mother planned to go home at mountain but at this afternoon have been raining until now this night. She cannot walked at wet land, because it is not good for her .And tomorrow we will see if having good weather.Maybe she can go home soon.Well,as my called at mountain this afternoon to know if they had still food there but my sister was saying they only ate a banana food.They have not more rice for cooking in every meal from yesterday until now.My mother worried about the situation of mountain.I can help only to give a little money for rice.But this money is not enough for rice consume only for few days.Probably problem with us are financial.But we can make ways to solve this all.I believe that all problems having solution.Okay guys,from bottom in my heart i wish you all happy weekend.

Friday, January 9, 2009

I am not perfect

Hello to all friends,it is another day again.As a new blogger here,i was thinking about myself.If how i can improve my own blog.I was choosing about life to consider my true and real life.My real experiences,challenges and happening in life.Sometimes it's full of up and down.As my situation now,I'd always full of down. Since i am young child until i was been married.First,i can't accept but i need to.All of this we know that it is a part of life.But several things I'd been thinking was about financial.But i think mostly people probably one of the problems is financially.Yeah,it is right,but this problem it can be solve then.Look like,i was been disappointed before about my outside personality.I was been worried my skin color before,i look like negra living at mountain.At mountain always exposed of the sun.So,the skin color will become dark.But i had dark skin color anyway.I'd also problem my ugly teeth.While i been smiling before I'd need to close my hand at mouth.Until i was founded my dear hubby at net.While he wanted to make me smile i was closed my mouth.Until we been first meeting before he was decided and promised that he wanted me to having brace.And now,i have braces both lower and upper.And at last i can make it to smile properly without closed my hand.I am very thankful to my dear hubby he did it to me.I can expose my teeth properly while i want to smile talk and feel comfortable. My hubby he loves my skin color,he don't want me to use lotion whitening but before i was wanted to have white skin.But now , i feel comfortable about my dark skin color what my hubby said before and until now i haven't beautiful skin color.I'd remember i was meeting first time he was compared about his skin color than to me.He was said, i have beautiful skin color and his skin color not good.My hubby said also dark color are famous at there place in Norway.But we know every country and every people we have different taste if we like dark skin color or either white skin color.Here at Philippines people love white skin and this is beautiful.But anyway i am not perfect,or everybody we are not perfect.We have different standard and like.We had different problems too.But now on,i been realizing is not good to look down at our self.Must better we needed to care and love what we are like we care and love to people and all of us to god.Happy Friday guys..

Thursday, January 8, 2009

My cosmetics

Hello guys,it is now again the other day.What should i do today?I been travel almost one hour to the small city here to get the little transferring to my hubby.I been buying my cosmetic for my hair and skin.I was buy Vaseline shampoo,Cream silk conditioner,johnson's baby lotion and powder too,also top gel soap.I love so much my hair if i am using Vaseline shampoo i feel my hair healthy, with have germ fighting formula and milk protein complex to help nourish and softer hair.And then,because i am learning so far using this cream silk conditioner with strength boost its can helps this to transform hair by targeting and correcting imperfections and i feel comfortable that my hair softer and stronger by reinforcing weak areas and infusing flexibility to help prevent hair breakage.It will looking shine ,flawless and beautiful hair.So maybe can try this choice those green those strength boost because its good moisturized and long lasting fragrance.Usually i don't want to be white skin because i never believe that in my skin color now ,i 'm not become white but i suppose using this top gel original papaya whitening soap.Is not because this only soap that has papaya squalene,vitamin E and C,AHA and collagen in a single bar.Not only this,it can deep cleanses our skin and remove excess oil making it smooth too,white and free from blackheads and pimples.And after i been shower or take a bath i been using all body lotion,i am using this johnson's baby lotion because i love to use this i feel very smooth my skin and it is clinically mildness proven.It can keep skin soft and moisturized and enhanced with rich skin and also help to retain skin's moisture and also to baby it can leave smoother and softer.And also johnson's baby powder it is made of fine tale,so skin feels silky smooth and fresh and cool.With fragrance and freshness everybody leaves.I like very to use this all because it's not useful only it is also affordable.Wow,if we try it,maybe you will like it..Okay guys see you soon.Happy Thursday everybody.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

About problems

Hello all,And now is Wednesday,which are called this for the school wash day.This is day for laundry.And i been laundry also today.Laundry it is one of my hate work if the clothes is very plenty and no more washing machine only hand wash i was supposed to do this it's because no more washing machine yet.I have a problem about this because i very tired and having pain at my back.As i been tell before i was born on much problem.Well,as i heard some other people mostly and everybody have many problems.Which we could this trials,challenges and struggle and this is normal.If people have no more problem it is called abnormal?Is it true?Oh yeah,i guess so.From i was young girl i been notice that we are very poor from my grand father and grand mother and until now my parents too.Because only income to my parents those doing coconut wine from the coconut tree i think you are familiar of this.And last time when father not yet got accident he is also do farm like rice field,rice corn,planting sweet potato,bananas and everything can do as a farmer maybe this time it is not very difficult budgeting about financial.And even mother so far she been always sick but father still can work it is okay.But now both them got sick it is very difficult to manage all of this.It is okay if they have pension but no more.They are ordinary farmer only and mother at house too.And on last few past days mother bring back again at doctor and i don't money for this.But i just think it's ok no more i can make ways to got money for this.Then i must think that what i should do?So,i remember our wedding ring both ring i have here with me.So,i just pawn this ring.Anyway,mother did not agree she bring at hospital because of money.But i was say ,mother money i can make it way,if i will borrow i can pay that soon,but her life i can't pay and borrow.So,mother not know about this ring was pawn.Because if she know she will complaining.Until now i didn't yet get back.But i believe i can get back soon.Maybe you will ask with me if it is true?I can see you directly all my post here is all about my life.Ok,see you next time anyone and happy a great Wednesday.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Hi,anyone.Today here in my place the province part of Philippines have a good weather, no more rain and sun shine very wonderful.Thanks god the weather back normal and it can easy to work out.It is night time here now about 10:55 pm.This morning i have a wonderful day i were been seeing the sun shine and it is good to sweep outside so that the reflection of the sun and surrounding clean.And it is good to make the clothes dry.So,my aunties and i do laundry and it's nice that clothes dry because of sun shine.And this afternoon,i am starting to sit here and do blog but the power of electricity was lost and back at quarter to 4 pm here.Then,while i was back to open the computer i have another problem the internet connection too was lost.I have been waiting almost one hour while i am waiting i was cook rice for dinner and the main time i do shower too.After that i got text messages to my mobile phone and it is my hubby he is on chat then i am worried i was do call at internet office .Then,i was tell them my internet connection was lost and they was check that have something wrong in the devices. And at last my internet connection back and start talking to my hubby until quarter to 9 pm here and eat dinner.Then back here,visit the many site and drop also do blog.Well,as a young wife have many needed in life and have also responsibility to be a good wife.As my few experiences between my hubby and i before when he is here on married i feel so very great day.It so very nice have a partner in life binds together in bad and good days.For the few moment we spent it was very hurt when he was leaving Philippines.When we are at airport in Tacloban my tears was not gone.I feel very sad those moment and my hubby too.I did not forgot he said i am happy i will go home but i am not happy to leave you my dear wife and i will wait you at Norway and see you,this is the moment i did not forgot in my mind until now but i have no choice need to accept and wait.I just think that we will together soon and would be forever.I keep only in my mind as a faithful wife.This is the manner should be good as a wife. I think is it..this is what we promise in ceremony at church in front of god and to people.Well,i have less experiences about married this is my first step i can know this soon.Happy Tuesday everybody.. myspace graphic comments
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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy three kings

three kings
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Hi,guys.First i wanna say sorry about my site that having content warning it's because i have been set wrong.But i think now it is better.And thank you for make up my mind that i have doing wrong.Because sometimes i am careless.I didn't read properly and understand some policies here at blog.Well,i am human not perfect.By the way,as i were been at church yesterday the priest said happy three kings everybody.But the priest confirm that is not yesterday the time of three kings but it will be tomorrow but tomorrow is not Sunday.Usually three kings were celebrating at Sunday time but they will celebrate advance thats why he said happy three kings.As i know three kings those 3 kings give some present to our Jesus Christ born.These 3 kings follow the shine of the star that where the baby Jesus was born.As what the priest said that celebrating Christmas until January 6 this is the time of three kings.It is now Monday here at Philippines,today is the starting day of back school,office work and other.It have been long time holiday this year.My uncle is a construction worker and he was said that this is the long time holiday with him.But for me is not honesty,i been long long time holiday because i am only here at aunties house then only doing housework and do this blog.I am feel boring anyway i want busy day those having work and income. But my hubby not agree i will work,he were disagree if i will say i want to work at big city.But also problem with me if i will work then the time the visa will granted hope i need to leaving.Then,mostly like me i can work only a housemaid but they are wanted single.So, i am not acceptable.That's why i prefer only to stay house.Well,guys.. I wanna say again happy three kings and have a nice Monday.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Weekend time

Hello guys,It is now weekend today.But first of all i wanna to thank my comment i got now and very nice messages.And i am encourage myself not to give up.Wow,I am very proud to who comment in my blog and encourage with me to preserve.Yeah,it is true i can do English sooner and i am very hoping so much.But in my hope and gratitude i will do my best i can do this blog.And this is my way to influent my word.Today is Sunday afternoon again i am sitting ,writing and visiting many site here.This morning no more rain i been cleaning outside,it is now good weather the sun is back.And i will go to church after here at 4 pm.Well,every Sunday i am at church and pray,thanks for the good health i haven't everyday and for the blessing come.And i am hoping that he will give more good health ad blessing.And i ask also to god that my mother get well soon.She is still coughing and cannot sleep well but it's better now not like last time she cannot breath.Mother always got sick,she was been before also at doctor and she have maintaining medicine for her sick but because of lock of budget she cannot buy that's why she cannot drink medicine and her sick back.It's because she prefer the little money i give them for food.Anyway,i am breadwinner of my family,i have siblings 4 brothers and 1 sister and also my parents both them got sick.And i prefer only the little transferring to my hubby.My hubby have obligation too.And me i don't have work i just calculate only the money i got and do budget.But sometimes not exactly for food and also the medicine it's because it is also depending on how much the money i got.My brother do a coconut wine but it is also not enough for the consume.But we are still survive. I just think everything is only part in life and this is normal to everybody have many trial but i believe that from now on and soon it will be over.It is not easy to have life like this,and it's ok.In my blog it is about life and this is my true life i share here because i wanna to express what i have now in my thought and it is very sad .And all of this i recommend to god.Happy weekend anyone.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Another day again

Hi,it is Friday and second day of new year.First of all,i wanna thanks again those my followers and readers.Even though i have many wrong in using my words here like my verb,grammar and other speech.But,i am impressed that did you do to follow my blog.I know that my other word here is not good and have wrong evaluation.But i am glad that i make it,this is my opportunities that i can improve my word that what i am worry about.Well,while i am visiting to the many site here and drop,i been imagine that how i can improve myself for being a good blogger?Perhaps,maybe sooner i can do this.In the beginning it is difficult to made a perfect and a nice blog.Likewise,what my cousin saying i will learn soon.In the first time is not good but if will learn more probably i can make it.Oh,yes maybe i can do because i believe that they other people can do this, and why is it i am not?I think i need to get more things about exact word.I love English word to hear,speak and the way to pronounce this but my problem is i cannot do to speak in English fluently.I can understand some other word but some i can't like specific word.Oh,no!It is Friday again and tomorrow weekend time i am only doing today is to eat and wash the dishes and this morning i been laundry a few clothes to my aunties not much because here is always raining.Fortunately,must better i have much work like housework it better to me,i don't want only sitting,lay down every time because for me i want always move like i want busy day.Bad time for me if it is raining always,because i feel that i cannot go out at outside.If it have rain i am here always inside at house,for me is not better.I like to clean outside at house in backyard,i love to see the surrounding is clean.But it is ok it been raining as now,maybe soon it will be over.If i am starting here to sit at computer time pass quickly,this is good.Sometimes i forgot the day and date. No matter what i have to do i will think and very missing my hubby it's because long time we will not meet again.Since,we been marry on last June 16,2008 until now we are not yet meeting again.It's very very hard to stay faraway with him but i have nothing to do and no choice i need to wait until my visa granted. And hope so it will be soon.Have a nice day everybody..

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New year

Hi,everybody..I am back now here to do this blog it's been long time i am not here its because i have some important to do starting Sunday afternoon,i miss this always i visiting the site here at entrecard but i was do so to leaving because it is emergency.I was starting here to sit and do blog at Sunday afternoon but i did not continue it's because i was been receive a text messages in my cheap mobile phone that my mother will need to bring at hospital it's because she cannot breath so i suggest to off the computer and left to go at hospital.Then,i was arrive at hospital and i see mother at emergency room with a doctor and some of my helpful neighbor assist to my mother and some of my auntie waiting outside and i ask what happen to mother and they are saying she cannot breath.And she been finish at emergency room,she been have ashma from she was younger until now,she need nebulizer so that she can breath.Her sick it is called dyspnea.She is pitty it's because she cannot sleep well and always coughing every minute.Starting Sunday afternoon until Dec.30 staying at hospital she was decided to go home even the doctor not agree it's because she is not well but mother do so to leaving she don't want she will at hospital to celebrate the new year.And then we are now at my aunties house she cannot go at mountain because always raining here and it is difficult with her to travel it is very wet the land there.And we prefer to stay here until now and still she always coughing.Very sad at time of new year now we are not complete ,mother wanted we are complete but of her situation we are not celebrating in whole family.My auntie busy at time of new year she was been cooking for special dish for new year and i was been helping too i have no time to sit here and do this blog because i been at hospital and i am tired too from there i did not sleep well also there.And yesterday i was do the blog but the internet connection was lost. And now i am here i will visit again the site and drop and i am very enjoying to read. I am sorry that i am not here for some days.But i will happy to say new year everyone.....