Thursday, January 1, 2009

New year

Hi,everybody..I am back now here to do this blog it's been long time i am not here its because i have some important to do starting Sunday afternoon,i miss this always i visiting the site here at entrecard but i was do so to leaving because it is emergency.I was starting here to sit and do blog at Sunday afternoon but i did not continue it's because i was been receive a text messages in my cheap mobile phone that my mother will need to bring at hospital it's because she cannot breath so i suggest to off the computer and left to go at hospital.Then,i was arrive at hospital and i see mother at emergency room with a doctor and some of my helpful neighbor assist to my mother and some of my auntie waiting outside and i ask what happen to mother and they are saying she cannot breath.And she been finish at emergency room,she been have ashma from she was younger until now,she need nebulizer so that she can breath.Her sick it is called dyspnea.She is pitty it's because she cannot sleep well and always coughing every minute.Starting Sunday afternoon until Dec.30 staying at hospital she was decided to go home even the doctor not agree it's because she is not well but mother do so to leaving she don't want she will at hospital to celebrate the new year.And then we are now at my aunties house she cannot go at mountain because always raining here and it is difficult with her to travel it is very wet the land there.And we prefer to stay here until now and still she always coughing.Very sad at time of new year now we are not complete ,mother wanted we are complete but of her situation we are not celebrating in whole family.My auntie busy at time of new year she was been cooking for special dish for new year and i was been helping too i have no time to sit here and do this blog because i been at hospital and i am tired too from there i did not sleep well also there.And yesterday i was do the blog but the internet connection was lost. And now i am here i will visit again the site and drop and i am very enjoying to read. I am sorry that i am not here for some days.But i will happy to say new year everyone.....

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