Friday, January 8, 2010

Life Style!

Hello for everybody.I didn't been here since my last posted,because as i said i started now to learned the languages in Norge.I focused to know about thier languages.It can be have difficulties about perfect pronounciation.In my side i felt is not easy because i do know about also right grammar and some english.Probably in the beginning it can be hard to catch up every word becuase every words i going to translate in english.And one thing it can be hard to me my pronounce.Maybe becuase of my retainer or maybe becuase it's different from where i learned.And i must to remember the word by words.And we mostly learned about word and also number.But it's felt better that i should know some about grammatic becuase this is my problem here in my post.
And i knew now some word here in Norge.It's very little but atleast i had knowing then.And it can be good also to me that i were out in house to meet some people.I felt i need to socialize and communicate within in another people.Differents people black or white.
Here in Harstad i met mostly black people and those are refugees from Africa,Iraq,Iran and differents country.I asked about refugees or an asylant.We are talking about why they called them refugees or asylant.This people are supported by official.They got money to had thier food,house and etc.They came here becuase of thier reason that there country are been war.As i knew from my hubby they are supporting them what i mean norwegian people supporting them becuase they are paying taxes. Or some another came here because they wants to live here.Because Norge is a rich country.Some also refugees are waiting for the approval from Udi to have a permit or residence to live here permanently.But i heard now at news or from my hubby that Udi reduced refugees enter at Norge.
My hubby felt happy that i started this coures.He felt that it must be better to me that i going to socialize.I need to less my ashaming.He don't want that my life just only around at house doing little house and sitting here at computer.It can be very better that we didn't see each other all the time so that it will not so much passionating.It was short time we had classes today and that was our scheduled from Monday or Mandag,Tuesday or Tirsdag and Friday or Fredag.And the rest are Wednesday or Onsdag and Thursday or Torsdag will be almost whole day.
Anyway i just shared my life this siste i dag (i mean this past day).Hubby was taken this pictures when i got home from school and today was snowing and you can see that is the stairs from the car garage.Let us enjoyed weekend.
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