Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thursday again!

Hello guys,it is now Thursday again.As far i been posted yesterday my life issues maybe mostly of you cannot understand or misunderstand what i been mean but actually don't matter at all this is my business.As i been always saying my blog it's part my real life what i will be doing as now,later,tomorrow,yesterday and everyday.As usual i been wake up this morning at 7 am then i was doing only clean and sweeping the inside and outside of the house.Then i been recieved text messages in my cheap mobile phone that my dentist my braces she want me to go there clinic to having these elastic rubber to put in my braces to close properly the gap.Well,after i been there at clinic i been also visiting my boss and talking for everything.And i been buying her garage sale blouses.It already use and she wanted to sale becuase she don't like anymore.It is we called also second hand but it is still nice and clean.I been thinking also i don't having much blouses for suiting at travelling and at church too.Then,it's alright becuase it can be useful all this for me and i liked also blouses.And everything it is so fine i enjoyed suiting all this,it is also fit with me and very nice looking in my body becuase i am slim too.As all you know,before i didn't used sexy blouses i just want only simple clothes but after i been meeting my hubby i am very loved to use sexy blouses.Hubby wanted and liked to see with me i am wearing sexy blouses and dresses.He been saying it is very nice and very fit with me.So,maybe he is my inspirations why i been doing this now.Well guys,my life is very historiable maybe look like artist but i having only my own movie.I know we are artist but we had own movie in life..Hehehe...I don't know if i am right what i am talking about movie.But seriously,yes i think because we had all problems but not the same at all.But i beleived that God not gives strength if not having solutions.Having a nice Thursday everyone and stay foot all..