Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas time today

Hello guys,it is now Christmas today here at Philippines and this is the time is Jesus was born.And last midnight we are been at church with my aunties ,cousin,husband of my cousin,and with their son.We are more than one hour the ceremony of church ,starting 10 pm until 11:30 pm and this the time when Jesus was born.I just think maybe i am lucky because even i am poor,have many problems come in life i am still stand up facing all problems because i believe that i can solve this soon.And maybe i will thanks to god i have good health today on his time of when he is born. And also my family even they are far away with me they are saying merry Christmas .And maybe i will say too very thank you Jesus no more accident spent with me today even i am alone i am stay faraway to my husband and even it is so sad but i will imagine and believe that we will stay together soon and live together and hopefully will successful married.That me and my husband binds and live that have peace,happy and even have problems come it will be solve and have faith each other and hope it is faraway from temptation.Hope it will complete and have some angels with our life that happy.And have good moral always and believe in god.With respect each other,with in good communication everyday no more quarrel it will be ok later then. I know have a good days and bad days come in life and that is what i am hoping i can face it all.I know not all time have good days maybe in other days it is bad .In my age now i am wondering what is my life going on and what is my good moral do in my life.Maybe we can say we are not perfect human,we made all people made by god but is not perfect and fair.But god give us all what we need in life and mostly people not content of this.Thats why,now as this time have many changing creation.Is not god made but it is man made like now have some high tech technology like this computer it is made by man but man made by god maybe it is fair because of god we not here all human.Maybe we think all is made by god without him we cannot see,eat,walk,a and everything.So,i think life will pass by because we are not own our life it is from god if he want to get him back we cannot do, that why thanks god for all the problems and those happiness ,experiences come in life.I am happy you give this all trials,problems so that i can have some experiences and i can move on.By doing of my trust ,believe and loving you i will give my life to you.And hope you will obey all the time what i will need to do which in good things or bad things..We love you Jesus Christ and Merry Christmas everyone.