Monday, January 4, 2010


I am so careless today.I lost my small purse with inside are Nokia cellphone,lips glossy,ballpen and handkerchief.I never mind  that i was lost  it.At the beginning i thought i forgot at inside the car.We parked first the car and walked on the building where my school room.But we stopped a little while in the store to buy a chewing gum.As i remember in my mind that i had the purse in my left hand. So,after at that store we continued to walked and i runned to catched my hubby becuase he walked so fast until we arrived at building.When i turned of my gloves i been noticed that oh no i forgot my purse that what i said in my hubby. Maybe at inside the car that what also thought of my hubby.So,after classes and my hubby back there to get me,i asked if he saw my purse and he said no. Oh my god,i lost it!!I do know what happened of me today.So careless right?And one thing i don't like also happening today i never thought that i need to brought some papers and notebooks.Oh yes, ballpen i brought it but it was inside the purse and i lost it.I am the one who nothing brought about things for school.I just thought that my friends said to me that nothing needed. So i was believe her. So, i need to borrow a ballpen and  get some pieces of paper of one of my classmates there.She is kind her name is Shara from Iran.But everything is free.Maybe soon or later  i get some thing from them like books and etc.I was so glad that i started this because i met some friends from differents country.Like Iran,Iraq,Ethopia,Bhurma and Dominica and some of them from Philippines.Her name is Sharon from Cavite Manila.She thoughts at the beginning that maybe i am not from Phils.or maybe yes and she is right ofcoures.Because she noticed that we are the same color of hair black hehe..But mostly the Filipina not look like my beauty.. I know their some different for real Filipina woman but i am real Filipina anyway kayumanggi my color.It's look like starts from the begiining using vowel but it is vokaler in norge and the consonant is konsonanter.We can see also some tuition on this would we  try it maybe you are the one who will snakke norsk. means speaking norwegian.Ha det bra..