Saturday, July 31, 2010

Our Trip until Alta,Finnmark Norway

I took this when we proclaimed that we shall check in.

Our trip was fun.  We have been driving 8-9 hours by car.  It was good day the sun was clearly shine and was not so cold.
However, even they are sun was still cold and cannot take out the jacket so long.  I enjoyed the trip and saw many natural views like landscape, mountains and oceans.
After we have been arriving check in and went out in the  restaurant we shall ate because it was very hungry both together despite of our long traveled.  
Then,  we back in hotel and slept.
And in the next morning,  eating breakfast and we back home in Harstad.
This is the building of the Park Hotel in Alta.

I just remind that husband said only me who were the guest fixing the bed before we left. I used to fixed so that isn't messy looking.