Saturday, August 28, 2010

what news?

Wow, how I idolized some awsome gadgets! I know we are usually  needed such  gadget. I cannot denyed that I am materilistic but cannot afford because no worked and income. I offently active on what is the news.

 Latest cell phones is my one of my list to buy for. If I can  have income soon. Well, everybody are experted to have news. Mostly  people are the greatest make the way to know what is the interesting news today.

 Hotest news today is there you can see the information of the  famous idol and  if you are the one fan of it. Here also the big news for everybody.  Free Articles Tips that can gives something information you needed in your daily life. Take a time to do it and watched my big buzz news for today

The Norwegian-Thailand

How she is really cute. I can feel how really nice to have such kind of baby girl like her. She is so kind when we have been visiting with them on last couple months. She had fever on that day. She played at computer games and she wanted me to see it sitting beside with her. Because, she had fever , she was only sleeping where she sat on.

 And,  was there until she sleeping. That time  happened when on that next day after over night we stayed there.
I reliazed how really good result between two combination of blood.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Air Intakes

Are you guys have some problem in your service everyday? What I mean the service that you used everyday to go everywhere. If you preferred to drive some vehicle, bike and  a car you must sure that they are in good condition. If you bothered something wrong in your vehicle? Air intake are the popular products that can help you in no worries.
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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wanna changed!

I couldn't understand myself sometimes. I will not observed my self  that I did it something is not really thought it will be good looking. What I mean it that there some things I can do that is not meant it. I have some attitude that I would be changed it. I will try to controlled it sometime I can meet some people that on surprise. I can thought sometime that maybe they think that I am look like a child. Today, where I worked at the big store I did not noticed one of teacher at Norwegian courses was there roaming around. I just continued to hang some jeans that what I did. 
My teacher said 'Heia' oh I was jumped and said Oh lærer! means teacher.! That's was I really thought that wasn't  good behaviour that gonna changed it. Even, I got something that mistaken and funny. I gonna jumped at once. I would be remember that all the time to try and changed. I should to be matured as a married woman not like a small girl. hehe I really hope I can changed it.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

My tired weekend

I just came at home from playing job. It's tired weekend because it's less of sleeping. And I lost my day to have some little job here.
I want really to have some lappy but may can be later if I get my own income so that I can choice what I want. hehe
What's life? hahay

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My tips

Are you guys planned wedding ceremony? The best time to prepared in advance. Maybe, at least six months before the big ceremony day. Well, I had experienced on that big moment that I couldn't forgot! It was so stressed because  I  had  lot of things was  prepared like clothes, decorations, foods, music, flowers and many things. My wedding ceremony was memorable because it was our big day to be in one.
We bought all needed like  man shoes  ceremony . Well, we just married in Catholic Church with priest. We planned to married some special views like in the beach because it will be so romantic. In the meantime everybody can use some stylist shoes for beaches. Well guys, Once you will going to married you must prepared must earlier so that it will be not so stressful. And take a  looked some chaussure ceremonie homme  that can be make so elegant while walking nearby at the beached. However, it will not complete the ceremony if we will not have some little children bringing the rings, and etc. You must also prepared some chaussure mariage enfant that could be make a perfect, stylist, and more attractive .
And mostly, we used the chaussures de mariage cuir enfant and  also for everybody.  So, must be wised and take a chance to have good quality shoes that affordable and have a list in our budget.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What is life?

I think people are almost complaining when ever they have worked or not that it's boring! . What will happened  if all together  are not working? How could be if we just sitting and nothing worked to get income ..hehe I let my mind think a little if I've complained for everything that I think I have enough for  food, clothes, house, television, computer and etc. Maybe, because of   there's nothing you can talked all the time and just your closes people who around you in the meantime? Maybe, that's it! hehe.. Sometimes another people cannot have anytime to focused  your intention in the same time because they have so much to do. Or I think they are busy to cooperate their own obligations in  every family. Maybe? Don't you guys? Well! Well! I am always complaining that it is bored life here.hehe..Nevertheless, that I am now at praksis worked in 7 hours and house worked after all. In the meantime, just sitting at computer and did dropping, posting and chatting some online friends. Well, I thought that is normal life either. Must better to accepted all I have now that no more complaining anymore..hehe.. Gotta!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010


I ate taco today that made my step son. hehe It was so delicious . I really love and like it! I said to him! And he smile..hehe..Even I complained and angry sometimes  because of the mess  he made but I just hated in while  it will be done after all.
It was my first time I tasted it. I ate two of this. I will going to know how to cooked and make it so that I can learned.
I just captured this picture at Google co'z I forgot to taken some pictures. I wanna know later about the ingredients the taco in Norway. hehe xoxo..

Friday, August 13, 2010

Social Status

Today was our second days at school.  We are from different groups as before we end in the  last time at school.  I thought we are came in three groups.  Some of them have passed the Norwegian test 2 (norskprøve 2).  And we are three woman from our old group.  Some of our classmates they are also in different groups now. We are three woman not already passed the Norwegian test 2. We had been passed with only  Norwegian test 1. When we knew that they are already passed  with in test 2, we have been  shocked because we belong together with them. They are clever than with us. They can speaks much than with us. But we will takes  this test this coming November 2010. Some of them they have been taking  only speaking not included the writing. We have been taking with the speaking and writing and hearing by CD with in test 1.

And,  today we learned about social status. In what way can the social status of a person change when he or she moves to a new country? In my country where I came from they are different ways about how they used the right status. If once you have a great worked, have profession , good income , have a good house, much money, have nice a car they are so high looking with in a poor level. For example, some people will treat down those  who are very poor no more education, little income that they can eat just 3 times a day. And that we belong out  of my family. I realized how the rich people doesn't make the same way. If you're poor and rich  and  that  still your are. But I thought, some country are treat they same ways even you are rich and poor. This country considered  treating as same not high and  low. 

Thursday, August 12, 2010

BC Blogger

Hello world, I got a friend that certified full time blogger. She is from Philippines also the same as with  me. We always chatting in messenger and it's almost everyday. We chatting about blogging. She also the one who was  helping me to had  a nice layout in every  each blog. I had problem on downloaded  portion so she was the one who downloading on it and sent it to me. And now, she have been asking with me if her new blog and layout was okay? And it was really nice. And I found this BC Blogger from Paula who is sis with Anygen.
Then, it is now the last day on this and I hope I can joined on this secret to have some friends on blogging. Thanks so much to Paula who is hosting this great event.


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

It's tired day

I haven't updating some few days ago because I got a praksis and when I came home it's so really tired. I got some worked  where in the big shopping center here in our town but I couldn't get any some salary about this because I just worked to practiced speaking  and communicated many people who will be in shop..By the day I will be in shop they have so much to do and always standing and walking so it will be painful in my legs. They are three days at shop and two days at school. I will be at school started tomorrow. I hope I could be speak more and more Norwegian languages.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Our fishing time.

On my last post here we have been fishing but it was just under the bridge we did not riding on a boat. So, on last weekend we have been riding and went so far away distance where the boat stayed.
We are only two together and I was helping with him to carried out the boat until in the sea side. OMG! I did not imagine we carried out. It was so heavy and then we just two..hehe My husband said I was strong I did it to help him without complaining hehe..We got this kind of fish and it's called Torsk in Norwegian.
It was funny and I enjoyed it when we got I shall be happy and to had some evidence I took some pictures and that's one the big one we got. And next time, If they are good weather we gonna go again.

Friday, August 6, 2010

What a great morning with us.!

I admit that I really hate people who made messy in the kitchen and sala. When we woke up this morning my husband got mad because he saw the light on and messy the table in sala and he picked up it and put in the kitchen that had much messy also hehe.
He told that just leave there they should the  one to clean up! So, now the messy in kitchen are waiting who will be cleaned hehe. As my side, I wanna to cleaned because I didn't like to see that. But I tried to wait until this afternoon if these two teenager will wake up.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Are mostly boys just only take an advantage?

She's name Maricris. She is Filipina. She is one of my friend list at Facebook.
Hello guys! Hello every body in all  whole world!
How's my day? My day is kind of quite bored. I had been today at town and searching again some praksis plass but not luckily late again and will gonna come back tomorrow.
Uff! And went straight home by walking from town until in our house.  I have been walking because i couldn't waiting the buss goes in one hour. So I came home with so sweating and little tired.
 And then, sitting here at computer while relaxing, dropping and thought what I rather'd  to updated post today. Well,  here we go.  I have been thinking and seeing one of my friend at Facebook post that her ex-bf   block her in the friend list and she got hungry!  She thought maybe the girl friend's of her ex-bf did it.  She was not sure anyway if she did it.  Base on her word,  she was only to broke up the guy because she knew that he has many women.  And she said that she did the  good things  and why he did that to block her in friend's list .  Maybe, she used only to this guys.  This guys just only wanted personality she said. And she thought that mostly boys just only take an advantage.  Don't you boys?

Well, I don't have any idea about relationship between into a Pinoy boys hehe..Actually,  I should honest I am N B S B before. You know what is the meaning about that?  It is no boy friend since birth.. hehe.. I got only this my husband now. I wanted to advice her but how? hehe.. That's why I said you shall cheer up and moved on . Be calm and just relax it's well gonna be okay. And now, she gonna have flight on that time to Singapore to visit her friend's there but she was so angry that the invitation not yet came and she paid the ticket already and I did not know now what happened with her! Hehe..
Remembered everyone must better to make sure that visa is already get and before to pay the ticket! hehehe.. And informed must earlier to cancelled the ticket so that you can get a refund. I am not sure if  she got refund on those ticket. It's not  an easy to go abroad  if you are alone and all the documents not ready! Thanks on my time wasn't any problem.
Well, that is life on her.  And I need to stop here and make some house working.  And relax a little and I hope you all guys here have a great day.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Embarrass day

Hello folkens, How's your day? My day is so embarrassed ! You know why, I did not understand out of our one month holiday I just almost have been sitting all day at computer and visiting, posting and dropping ec. And now on my right  shoulder  I got painful! Painful that I did not understand from the beginning on last couples of days until now and maybe also next another day but I tried to keep posting, dropping, chatting and everything . But I hope soon it gonna be okay this.
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