Thursday, December 31, 2009

Good bye 2009!!!!!!!!!!!

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Welcome 2010.Happy new year everyone.And God bless you all.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Do you think ?

Last day my husband brought some groceries after work.And it was confused to me becuase why is it we have this cereal for kids.This cereal just for kids.Look and see the pictures.Kid's Happy Moment.Honni-Korn Smacks..And it have this sprø,puffede hvetekorn med honning and thats means crazy,pushed wheat  grain with honey.It is simple philosophy behind the children.They're products are perfect for those special occasions when you would like to give your kids somehting fun that taste good.After a long day or a day where there will be something extra nice to look forward to.You decide how often and when it will be Kid's Happy Moment at home with you.We should nice to each other everyday,but occasionally we may well a little extra nice.But to me i didn't have yet kids.I just want to be kids.It's taste better and smell honey.My husband wanted like it becuase it easy to get snacks  and put it just milk.And it is tasted sweet and i also like it very much.

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009


 Hello guys,I wasn't here to wrote a blog because we stayed two nights in that place did my husband had  playingjob.He played two hotels and restaurants at the same place.So,i couldn't be here to visit site and making new post.I joined  always with him if he have a playingjob.I love to see any another places and any some people.From where we live,we travelled almost more than hours to the pier.We riding  a ferryboat was almost one hour to the Bognes where the place we been.From the pier to the hotel it was about almost two hours drive by car.And after at first hotel  and restaurant we riding just one hour to the second hotel and restaurant.It was so much people did drinking and dancing.And i thought mostly of them was drunk.And my husband said if a norwegian woman got drunk it will become wild.Many young and old woman and man and thier are pretty and handsome.And i was Filipina there in thier eyes i  thought that i didn't  belong with them.So i decided to stayed inside the room watching tv until i got sleeping.

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Saturday, December 26, 2009

With the daughter of my hubby

We are invited yesterday to had dinner with them in there home.We are just eaten with her hubby.She is Beate the daughter to my hubby in another woman and that is her husband who is standing .She has 3 kids in every other man .But with her hubby now they had daughter,her name is Hanna.She didn't know that her father married again.She asked me if we are married.Then i said yes!hehe..And here in Norway it's normal live together without blessing.I guess so and hubby thinks they not yet married.
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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

This is our christmas tree.And this is from natural tree.It just simple decoration but for us it is look nice.Merry christmas to all of you here.And wishing you have a good christmas time..God jul..
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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Hello again

High Achiever US HistoryChristmas coming soon,just wanna  say Merry Christmas everybody.I just happy to say this is the first time i celebrate christmas with my hubby.Even i am far away with my family.But is not the  first time i did  almost many times anyway.A little bit missing with them but it doesn't matter becuase i know they  are alright there in Philippines.And i never got present eithier in my life since i was kid.I was little upset with my Ninong and Ninang but it was before and sadly to say  Ninang was died.We can see soon here if i got..

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Husband's friend of mine

He is Kurt.He lived alone.He is only one living in his big house.He wanted a woman who is nice, slim and no kids.Becuase he said if had a kids is not easy to bring here in Norway and he want to invite in tourist visa to visit him.As i said he is romantic.
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We got a new table yesterday.It's very nice.Suit in the black and with white carpet and also black sofa.And the old one table was brought to my husband's friend in mine.He's name is Kurt also live alone now.He wanted me if i have woman friend who is slim and nice.He is available and also he said that he is nice,kind and romantic.He gonna go to at Brazil at last week of this month .He gonna stay there 2 months.So he was asked favor with us that if we have time to visit there in his house before christmas and before he left.He has big house but he is only one live it.But here in Norway it was normal with them live alone.My husband was lived alone many many years ago before he found me.And sometimes he said that he is crazy because he was prefered to lived alone but he married a young lady but he said he don't care what people saying to him.
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Monday, December 21, 2009


I never wondered that this is catholic church.Almost more then one months i never been attended mass becuase the past month my hubby was busy to had a playingjob then in Sunday we are very tired .So this weekend we didn't had playingjob so i suggest to go church catholic.But my hubby he is protestant and mostly people here not religious .So yesterday we searching at internet to know what schedule that have open church.So we this small and very quite.And we attended yesterday,even i didn't understand the priest said.The priest from Poland and almost people there was listening are from Poland too.It was not so much maybe around 8 to 10 people aside from us.
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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Good day

Yesterday, it was a good day for me.We went at Lappoten this is the name of store and it is part of Sweden to shop many things like bacon,chicken,chocolate,drinks and etc.We bought 10 kilos of bacon because it is a bit cheap than here in Norway.I was enjoyed while travelled to saw any curious places and it was very interesting to me because it was first time also i been at Sweden but not totally all part of this but it's doesn't matter.Maybe soon i can be tour there hehe..It almost more than 5 hours both ways.It can be terrible we just riding in our small car .It was so strange much snow at that ways if it windy we cannot see the road and it will closed in front the car window.While i enjoyed to see many nice places like this what i took.This is water from the mountain and become sticky ice.It was so interesting to me because look like many falls in Philippines but the different of this water falls it is ice now.
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Friday, December 18, 2009


 Dear everybody,
I've been more than one months here in Norway.Today 's snow back.I've been i saw a snow again.We been walking today went to the shop here near in the house i think 10 minutes walking distance.While we walking i enjoyed that the snow falls in my head.I wondered before if what i going to fell if i saw the snow but now i know i enjoyed very.And last few days we got phone called from the authority to a nowergian coures from sentrum she infromed that i should start my study the languages this coming January 4.And now i fell exicited but a bit nervous because i know and my husband told me that thier some i can be classmate of this are from africa and other countries. Those some are refugees and asylants but honesty i dont of them.But maybe thier some Filipina it can be my classmate.I guess i will be going to start like form the beginning now studying.But i going to try my best it can be easy i think if i study seriously.No matter if i cannot speak well about english but atleast i can understand and can talk a little than nothing.I got friend now here  she is the wife of friend in my husband.She is Nana from brazil married to his husband Stig.Stig is kind and also his wife.They met by chatting too but as they told me that my husband was first met Nana and it was by that Stig cannot visit those time so my husband guraantee that she ok for Stig.And if they have problem they complain about gauranntee to my husband..hehe it so funny becuase she got jealouus to his husband sometimes anybody called to him and it was his ex girlfriend.Nana cannot talked english just spoke purtugees and brazilian she cannot speak english but now she can spoke norwegian.So if we talked we just body motion and i'd try to understand because she can undend what i said.She is friendly at the first we met the shop, she hugs me and she talked and tlaked but sorry i cannot understand norge as now i going to study first but she said nei,nei means no no.And i found also a Asian store we bought today a dried fish look like Philippines those salt fish .And it is a filipina who manage this store and i think she is now at Philippines .She been told me she going vacation there this week.She is from cebu.I think she is now there becuase i did not saw today at there shop i was saw a norwegian man manage there maybe he is her husband.While we been walking today i was been asking to my husband to took a picture on me.While the snow fallen.Elemis Pro-Collagen Oxygenating Night Cream 1.7 fl oz (50 ml)

near the house

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The big mall at Philippines

This is the big mall of the Philippines i think.I saw this picture at the file of my husband.He took this pictures when we first met.I been here too but not so many times.Maybe two or three times.I remember we been here at first time with my auntie.And second time was with my husband.
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He is my stepson Alex.
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Monday, December 7, 2009

Want to be there always

Last Saturday morning we was late woke up because no work and no school for alex and it's weekend.We was woke up almost noon so it's so short time to be here on blog.We just been a few hours in sentrum what is called this in english center or town then after that we need to prepared what things to brought for travelling on the way to the restaurant where my husband and his friend Frank to played a band.Hubby called this playingjob this is he's side line to support his small family what he means with us,me,he and his son alex.I really want to joined even it is faraway.It's almost 3 hours to go from here in hours and to that restaurant.It's near at beach and we stayed at cottage overnight.It's very cool becuase it's very nice place there.I enjoyed also that time becuase i saw another places that have many snow.Very wonderful sorrounding the high way,the many high hills and houses.I saw the ocean become to an ice.The water or lake too.In the restaurant so much guess was dance,eaten.But i don't really like the norwegian dishes it's a fish from lake.I was eaten the meat from pig i guess so it's look like.And i was sitted there all night.And my husband he has a friend name Holdford want to dance with me but i really don't want to dance becuase i don't know there dance and he always asking and asking until i said seriously i don't know to dance and i really don't like to dance.Until he said from now on he would never ask me to dance and he make a deal if i want to dance i going to ask him. And badly some guess at restaurant want to dance with me too but i always denyed and denyed..And i said with him I'm so sorry i really don't know to dance and i dont really don't must better he said ok,becuase he is drunk already.

My beloving hubby played guitar and he sang too.And i feel very pity with him becuase it's very tired to have this playingjob and travelled long way..At the beginning i'd joined him at the first was he sang i was got tears in my eyes and i don't know why i was very touch.I was understand now it's not easy to earn money and some people wasted money.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Want to be busy

.I am a woman that don't like nothing can do in whole day.Every morning this week we are together woke up,doing together to made foods and drinks like coffee for him,bread and butter,jam,ham and for me i don't like coffee i want tea.I wanted to have some drinks like milo that what i did when i been stayed in Philippines.I tried to saw here for that drinks in the shop here but thier some of this look like.Mostly milk here is cold not warm.I wanted to have some warm milk but i never seen either.Maybe they have some but i'm not sure.I asked today to my hubby about that but not the same those was what i liked.After breakfast hubby went to work and his son also went to school.And i am the one left in house honestly it's a little bores to be alone but i need to be busy so that i can forgot in time.So i need to see what i wanted to clean up and if nothing need to be clean watch tv,and online here in computer.But today i was did something in refrigerator.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

x-mas is coming soon

We first decorate this a symbol or a sign that where jesus born and a x-mas light in the window where the small santa claus in the center.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Our pity house in moutain where i come from

This my family.

This is in Panglao Bohol.

This pictures near at beach club resort at panglao bohol.


Hi,guys.Since many days past from when i arrived it's been long time i did not online and write here on blog becuase it's have been problem this computer here and got no connection.Here in North Norway now we cannot seen a sun my husband said that 2 months no sun oh my god its always dark .But if it have snow maybe lighter the sorrounding.First time i've seen snow i was shocked and i said oh what is that!but hubby said it was snow'hehehe (ihas sa snow).Outside in house the land and sorrounding are all white.It's snow,the snow look like rain and so cold.The temperature very big different from Philippines imagine from very hot world and now i am here in very cold world.My mother worried about me because she afraid if i can manage here because i have (kabuhi)i dont know in english kabuhi.But some problem in stomach if you know english of that tell me please?thanks..And a very big stange to me is the food.Very different from where i come from.But i hope so i can be likeable soon.I don't have big problem of food but in first taste maybe not so much like but in another time it would be better i guess so.

There some pictures where we been at bohol on last September 2009.