Monday, February 9, 2009

Very hard to having braces

Hi guys,as usual it is Tuesday today.Yesterday i was at my dentist clinic and was been adjust again my brace.Since March we been starting adjust my braces is not easy i cannot eat properly,very hard to bite for anything food if it hard,i can eat only soft food look like soup,bread or another food that soft.To having this braces the one i become very thin but i am usually thin when i am from manila because of much work there.Very painful at the first time i been always crying and now almost one year but my teeth now is ok.It is very nice looking and i can smile without closed my hand not like before i will be closed it.Well,not hard to having this but i feel comfortable now then it is aline my teeth very nice to see when i smiling .But every month is always adjust this and very painful after.Then my hubby asked and i asked my dentist if when i recommend my braces but dentist say that the teeth is ok and maybe next month i will having retainer i am happy that it will be done.Very hard to brushing,i am using also small brush for the center in my teeth.I am happy now it will be done soon..