Friday, February 6, 2009

Sometimes i will be acted look like childish.

Hi everyone,here in philippines time almost midnight.I cannot sleep because i having now problem in my stomach(in bisaya kabuhi).But it will be okay sooner.As i been telling here at past day i cannot so much used this computer it is because i am afraid it will be broked again.I am just think it can be wasting to much money to always fixed and buying again memory of this old desk top here at house of cousin.What my hubby say that must better i was prefered at internet cafe if we knows it will be happened like
this the computer here.But it's my fault i did not think the smart way where i can saved i just think if when i can easy way to talked with him but it is very late to complaining and i cannot stop also the internetconnection because of i been signing the contract of one year even though i will be requesting to closed the internetconnection i will be continued paying the internet bill until it will finished one year contract.My hubby was too late to getting angry with me because i did not confirm with him about the contract.Well,i accepting my fault but what my hubby said also is not alone my fault because he was been saying also okay and agree i will be having here internet while waiting not because it is not easy for me to go at internetcafe to chatted with him at meantime sometime we can chat midnight.In this past day we have been misunderstanding about payment and financial then i been act lok like childish.We been agreement about his transferring but he was forgot and then i am expecting so much this is for the payment of internet bill and etc.Then i been getting angry and been act not good with him but at the meantime we been talking,explaining and listening each other and it's okay now.As i been experiencing likewise before he was been here with me if he will gives with me a little problem i will be act look like childish and crying i don't know i got easily crying.This is unmatured acting and thinking,negative expression i need to changed this.Not only to open minded and also to be analized what having reason this will be happened.Well,as i know this quarell and misunderstanding is part of married but i think we need to calming,talking,listening,understanding by communicating in good way.Hohoho...i think this is not only this problem i think having so much problem will be come and we hope and i hope i can manage all this..Thanks for those my loyal friends here that giving with me some nice advisory and Happy weekend anyone.