Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!!!!!!!!

Today is easter Sunday here in Philippines then we was woke up very early morning me,the working student of my boss and the house maid of the mother in law in my boss too.We was attended the show that Jesus was back in life and have very early mass too.I am happy that i was attended mass very early it's good feeling if i doing always early at mass.And it so be good that those time we are celebrating the easter Sunday.Much people at church and some have some prizes and some having prepared for snacks after the mass.And happy too my family now still ok no problem both them are alright and also my husband too.We chatted almost everyday as now because he have 6 free days from work then yesterday he was told me they are going to Sweden for buy something for there needed at home with his son Alex and with his friend.Thanks God they are back home all right and I hope so too and I pray my hubby have always good health and keep away from the accident and also for the sick.I pray also that hope so we will stay together soon and live happy as a husband and wife.But as now i just hope and not so expecting.We will see sooner.Happy easter anyone..