Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My life issues,did i been having mistakes?

Hello guys,Wednesday again.First of all i wanna to thanks again those who been gives with me some comments and advices.I been thankful those been comments in my blog and having a very nice messages that i can make up myself and understand now.And now,i want to write this is about my life issues and did i been having mistakes?Well,about my mother is a part of my life issues too but this not part in my family but this is also part in my life.We just consider this part in my sorrounding that become friend in a few while.Which i mean i have a friend,this friend is not long time friend but we been friend when my hubby come.First before i been meeting my hubby in person,we been chatting almost 5 months,i recalled after i been graduating from high school i been left in my boss to went at manila but after more than one years i been back with my boss again,this boss when i been a working student so i mean we chatting in my hubby i am already finish high school and work in boss as a housemaid.Then i been starting chatting to my hubby at internet cafe almost 5 months.Then he been finalized that he will be coming here at Philippines to spent his vacation with me.But after few days he been telling with me that his friend having a friend to joined him to go here at Philippines.So meaning this man is not his real friend,only my friend of hubby having a friend that willing to joined him which his name is Jetro.So,the time he been arrived here at Bato Leyte pier i am the one meeting with them.From the first day we meeting my hubby is not comfortable because of this companion he the one to take care with him.This man is older than my hubby.And this man willing and searching a nice woman to be marry.At the second day and night my hubby want to go at internet cafe because he want to chat his son that stay his house alone,so we are joined at cafe and also Jetro.Before,i can noticed that some girls chatting also at net we been meeting and seeing only at eyes and not a friend and she know that i am chatting to my hubby.While we are at cafe i been seeing this girl that i mean,she been seeing with me and asking,that a man you been chatting?Then,i been answering too yes he is,and this girl are chatting with her boyfriend from Australia,then my hubby is a friendly he been saying hi with them which girl i been talking and she having also comapanion.While my hubby chatting to his son,this girl been asking that other man?Oh yes,he is searching too a woman who willing to marry what i am said with her.So this time we becoming friend and she been joined with me and her companion too.While this two girls joined with us in everyday when the time my hubby with me.After few days they will be decided to go at Cebu city to know that days of there pane tickets but we are not planning i will be joined with them we been only at pier but i been saying to my hubby that i can joined with you?Then,my hubby said yes,then Jetro he want this girl to joined too but she want to talk her mother so,she will been following at next day.This girl,ask to Jetro which he likes she or his girl companion the Jetro answered she is.Then,this time we been friend where we stay at Cebu and we don't know about her character.She want,what ever she want to demand Jetro will agree but my hubby will be adviced to him not all the time gived her demand.So this time this girl getting angry to my hubby.This girl,many words saying not good to heard that Jetro is look like granpa,and everything.Then the time both my hubby needed to go back at Norway and we need to back too at Leyte.So this time we are still friend,and i am back also in my boss house,she knows that i am working.After we been arrived and we was talking to my boss all about happening at cebu and having some misunderstanding this girl to my hubby.And about her character and some words that she saying.But i did not know that the sister of this girl is a classmates of my boss before so we been talking also what i been talking what happening about at Cebu.And she always visiting at my boss i cannot intertain with here because i having much work,she want i will be joined with her anywhere.But i cannot follow her always not because i am work,my boss not also agree i will be joined with her because of her attitude.And she was getting upset with me,and also those time that her boyfriend called at mobile and i been shouting she have boyfriend at her side and those Australiano heard and stop calling and chatting with her.But this time she did not tell to Jetro that she having boyfriend she says only friend.So,i just think that while i am shouting it is ok because i just think it's a friend.But for a while days she been blaming with me that her boyfriend stop communicating with her because of i been saying.Until that she can heard saying for another people not good for her that she think too that i am the one telling to people but i just only discussing to my boss no another.Until she been married she did not inviting with me,until i got much text messages in my mobile that i am back fighter she don't want back figther.And then i got email from her not good doing with me,she was said i did not become woman ,i will be not wearing sexy clothes if my hubby not come.And she said also with me i will be thankful even i am negra,ugly and feeling sexy my hubby married with me.That i am negra live at mountain and now i been changed it's because my hubby is come.Much people saying that i been changed now not like before no more caring at body.She have been sending email not good with me,even having much woman meeted to hubby why is it my hubby married to me i am very ugly and negra.You know even she been sending with me many messages not good i never answer with her.I just keep and stay cool because i did not like i having enemies.But i been telling all this to my hubby and also the husband of this girl was saying to my hubby that Jetro will be stoping communicating to my hubby. So they thinks this girl become crazy.And the time we been church and she's too she been shouting with me ,Oh how are you negra? She been do that with me then i getting angry this time i been answering so what i am negra!And my hubby know this,he been telling with me stop reply her email,and communicating with her,and hubby thinks maybe she get jaelous with me..And i don't know why?All happening about i been asking my self did i am mistake?And why she been doing all of this with me..And she thinks also JeTRO AND SHE are destiny! Is it right?But my boss she was saying is because i am saying that oh this man are willing also to marry a filipina..Is it my boss are right?I need some answered to this question.Until now we been having disappointed and misunderstanding each other.Happy Wednesday guys i hope you will understand my blog now and sorry it is so very long..