Sunday, June 13, 2010


We just came home from playing job.I was little unhappy when i came home.I saw inside the house it was messing.It will be mess the house when we  are out  in a little days.In the sala so much cartoon of pizza and some plastics and also in the bathroom.I wasn't saying any word to complain about this.Of course,it's normal to have some barkada's this son of my husband.He knows that i don't like mess either so he was the one cleaning up without complaining even we are tired of so long travel.
His son are so much spoiled and i cannot rather on that.In every morning if have school,my husband wake up very early to assist his son and force to up and make food to him.You know i got so stressed sometimes because my husband worked in day and night and he is always assisting his son that not 10 years old he is 18 years old.Oh my god!
So much spoiled!
Sometimes i will think that is not easy to had marriage like this because i did not yet kids and i always accepting this mess on the kitchen and bathroom.I always complained in the bathroom if they have so much 'barkadas'.All the towels in bathroom are used and their clothes are in the floor.
And he cannot put his plates on the opp wash machine.
So,i will be the one to do it!