Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wanna changed!

I couldn't understand myself sometimes. I will not observed my self  that I did it something is not really thought it will be good looking. What I mean it that there some things I can do that is not meant it. I have some attitude that I would be changed it. I will try to controlled it sometime I can meet some people that on surprise. I can thought sometime that maybe they think that I am look like a child. Today, where I worked at the big store I did not noticed one of teacher at Norwegian courses was there roaming around. I just continued to hang some jeans that what I did. 
My teacher said 'Heia' oh I was jumped and said Oh lærer! means teacher.! That's was I really thought that wasn't  good behaviour that gonna changed it. Even, I got something that mistaken and funny. I gonna jumped at once. I would be remember that all the time to try and changed. I should to be matured as a married woman not like a small girl. hehe I really hope I can changed it.