Thursday, February 18, 2010


I felt not good this morning.I thought i cannot went at school.But my husband massage a little my head and stomach.I had colic i am not sure if it is called colic in english.Sometimes i had that pain it will connect in my head.So,must better to massage a little and taken medicine but it was going better.
I wondering this picture here.We can see it was summer season.I found this on computer.I think this was in the outside of house.It's look nice and feel better i think on this season.Not like as now the sorrounding at outside it's full of snow and feel cold.I wondering how could it will be in summer here?Somebody told me and also my husband that it's very nice in summer season.Oh,i feel excited and i can wear not double clothes hehe..We can see soon how could it will be!!!!!
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Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Hi,today is birthday of my dear one hubby.I wishes for him he have more and more birthdays to come.And also to have good health everyday.I have a poem for my dear.

We don't live in a mansion,
we don't dine on caviar...
Our lives are fairy simple
that's just who we are.
but I wouldn't trade it in...
not for riches,jewels
or fame,because you
make each day special,
and I love you
more than words can say.
Not only today or tomorrow,
but always and forever.
Remember that i really
Love you very much.

Happy birthday my dear!!!

I don't have money to buy in a special gift for you.I made a birthday card from tha bottom of my heart so that i can givee something from me.I hope you like it and wishes you again to have always good health and more birthday to come.I love you more and more words i can say.But you know that i do so..Sorry for the time i acted look like child but i hope so i can changed this sooner.And thank you for everything and also to be with me.

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010


We can see here in pictures that they are dancing.There are our teachers in every group.I am belong in the group 9 (Norsk 9).We had lysfest on last february 5.We celebrated about the sun come back.They sang and danced.And we just watching and taking pictures with them.They are all teachers of Harstad voksenopplæring.We didn't thought that it had many teachers of this Norsk Kurs.But i heard to our kontaktlærer they had many grouping in this school.In our group we just only three teachers and thier names are Evy,Elin and Vinny.They are good teachers anyway.And all teachers i think also they are good.In our group somebody was perform and it was from Bhurma.They are family,the father and the son sang and playing guitar and the daughter also sang.Teacher informed with us to had performances in this occasion but we didn't continued because we thought that maybe thier have some many people from outsider but we just only people who belong on this school.We regret that why we didn't continued is not so much people and not so much performing also it can be good that we dances.hehe..Just wondering and it was too late to regret.Maybe next time.Some another perform from thier country land and they also sang and dances.We had lotteri and we bought ticket so we can won some prizes but badly in our group nobody got it.They have three teachers won one of them one of our teacher namely Elin.We brought also food from any country.We eating and talking all together in canteen.They celebrates this occasion often because here in Norway two months no more sun all day and night are dark and that's why they are gladly that sola or sun was came back and is not so dark in day time here.Hva veter lysfest?Lysfest is the celebration of the light came back.And it's good now had a sun it can get so mindgrain hehe..
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Monday, February 15, 2010


On this weekend was lot of snow.I took this pictures on last few days.It had so much snow in our backside of the house.It seems very thick now becuase had been also snowing storm.Yesterday and also today it was snowing.When i arrived at Oslo i didn't yet see the snow but it was starting so cold there at airport and also when i arrived in here at Harstad.I want to try to take out the snow outside but i don't want because i know i going to freez.Even i just going outside then i can feel it those falling snow i going to be freezing.I just feel happy to see it but not to touch hehe..On last saturday we was attended a party with the friend of my husband we he grown up.He also playing on those occasion but it's free no payment becuase the old woman who celebrates the birth day on that time it was the close friend of the mother of my husband who helping so much when the time she lived alone.So,he offered to play without payment.And then is not so faraway from here in house to that place but before that we planned to going back home after.And badly the weather not good it was so windy and like storm snow.So my husband afraid to drive back home and we staying on the room they reserve for us.And i felt not good maybe i was little drunk..I drunk about 5 glasses of white wine.As i heard is not so strong but my head going not good and i decided to sleep and until it's better.
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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines Day

Hello everyone,it's been long time i didn't yet post here.Because i was a little bite busy out of my Norsk kurs.I concentrated to our lessons and had been examine too.On last friday,it was our second prøve or second exam.And one of my problem also on those past weeks ago it had been bad connection.I cannot get it through and the son my hubby he always playing games.I would be thankful to our friends and visitors whose dropping in this site.I would gladly excuses out my weeks i didn't also visit your site.And this few days maybe i can have good connection becuase have not yet using in another computer and playing games.The son of my hubby was travelled to England to visit his mother.But anyway,this pictures of flower i got today from my dear.He said happy halloween my dear hehehe it was just joke..or bare tuller for norsk.I don't know when he bought this flowers look like it was so long inside the plastic.Maybe he forgot to give it with me.It was just simple celebrating Valentines day.I know some country is very active to had this occasion but i don't know here.I just heard they do not celebrating.
Happy Heart day everyone.
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