Friday, March 2, 2012

Lucky life

Yesterday, I was not good feeling to go work. I had fever , sneezing so much and coughing like wise today. However, I decided and husband drove  me to work even though not feeling well. But I said to my husband I cannot do it to be at work and he said just tried and should  call him when going back home. But when we were almost in the work place. It was so slippery to drive up becuase I worked in the little mountain I can say. It was so taffic because the buss stock up in the road and  cannot drive more up. So, we waiting a little while in meter back at that buss and waiting the another car drive accross that buss. So, we tok a chance to drived when it was not so traffic and in meter front away at the buss we can't drive more. So, my husband tried to see back and saw if it has car back us when he opened the door and started to slide the car and bump in that buss.The window of our car was destroyed and also in the back side. The buss destroyed the front  light and little some parts . I never thought that happened yesterday. We are lucky at we both not injured. Perhaps, It was our little wrong to drive up and tried to overtake and we knew at very slippery. That was life.