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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Life issues

As a young wife or as newly living together we cannot have an issues in life.I know everybody haven't perfect married.I know married life are not totally perfect.I heard someone said that couples quarrel are normal in marriage.As my situation,i am totally like a child dish that my husband say to me.I know everybody can be like that as that having some disappointed.I really got easily upset,disappointed and i thinking all the time negative side on me.As a young wife that have no knowledgeable or knowing about everything i cannot deny i am only high school graduated.I cannot totally i am  a dull but mostly things in this new world to me are almost different.My husband had much experiences on his world than to me.I know that cases but i need also to react i what  have done that i don't know.I just only newly came here,i don't have nothing,i don't have worked or no more income.

.I couldn't help him for the expenses on this house.I really understand on problem about money.Money are the number one problem.If without that it can be much problem.We are normal here,he's only had worked and we are eating three mouths.So,because he's just worked all the expenses only him will be pay.For food,electricity,clothes, and etc..I couldn't worked as now because i need to finished Norsk prøve 2.After that i need also to speak fluently Norwegian languages.I am worry about communicating to another people because i am shyness.I don't know why..I have also problem my family at Philippines. So,i need my father to have an operation again.As i told here in my oldest post that my father was a serious accident.He can worked as a normal that can have normal income.So i rather to think that,and want to have work either they are helper.So that also i can help here in the house.That's my life that sometimes is up and full down.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Just precious Sunday!

Our life today just only precious.We got up in morning just wonderful another day.Another day that have nice good health,we still breath,we can see ,we can heard,we can walked everything are perfect.We are lucky that we are normally healthy.We are bless  that we have complete parts of the body.We have good condition of our body.They don't have some sick.We must to take care what we have now.We just make have some an exercise to moves  our all bones.We been a long walked today with some of  friend in mind of my husband.We walked together and talking together.It was little cold outside because they are windy.But they are  plus grader they are not so cold just only cold because of the wind.Sometimes we  go biking.They are also good exercise.Is not so bored to out and make have some fresh air.It will not so sleepy if i got sweating our body.It will be bored  if just sitting all the time at computer.I should try my self to be active  because my husband he likes i will be sporty.He likes also that we bonding together.

Then,i was not attending again mass today.I was not go to church.I have many absent when i came here.I feels guilty sometimes because when i was still at Philippines the priest told me that i should attending mass every Sunday.Even just only that day.That the  important day.Just only once a day in one week and just only more one hour the mass.I guilty that i cannot do that here again.I should do that soon.If i said   to my husband oh no,i did not attending mass again today.And he said,you gonna go next Sunday.I hope so i can go then.Happy Sunday everyone.

Saturday, May 22, 2010



This time i just sitting and my husband took a pictured on me.I just only had many pose.I just said peace to everybody.And thankful that i came here i Norway with out badly happenings.My first travel alone in a long way.My first experiences to be independent and try my self to stand alone without helping another.Oh yeah,i remember i met those time some of companion in the plane.It was an angel to me.Guiding me all the rules in the airport until we arrived at Amsterdam.We just saying good bye there.Those an angel to me was going to Island i think i forgot now.

What i said this time?I said hello everybody in Harstad!I would to introduce that i am Julieta the new immigrant from Philippines.I came here lately on the winter season.I was freezing very because i came from the very hot weather.Our country are now snow.I don't like when it is snow because we just always inside the house and cannot go biking outside and cannot do another things also.I was glad that is now spring because we can bonding to go biking and walking.Much can do summer those the sunshine.We can expose outside with out so much clothes wearing and without so much socks.
I complained only the snow.The snow are can be dangerous also because when it is smooth the road and accidentally we will be sliding and it can broke also on our bone.Some are injured during in winter time because they fall down and destroyed  some part of the body.
I know they are international know about snow.The snow are the problem here i Norway.They never had strong storm.They never had also thunder.And also never the less had lightning.
They are amazing county.Many are different where i came from.It is very really big different.

It was so cold those time.It was also windy.The wind was little painful on our eyes.There some people also walking out there.They are a mountain with have many trees.They're some snow also and was little smooth the way.They are also difficult to climbing there because there so much stone

I was sitting on the stone up the top of mountain.I was afraid when i sitting there because that the end of the side in the mountain and it can be dangerous i will be fall down.It has so much stone down at the mountain

It is weekend again.We been a long  tour yesterday out in State of Troms.We was driving very long ways.It was taking almost 8 hours both ways.We started here driving  from  Harstad  until Tromso at five o'clock until we was back home almost 3 am.We was driving to get some friend of son of my husband and also practicing  to drive.He's son was active to drive without changing with him.We was very quick there so that we were not so late came back home.I didn't took some pictures out there.

We was just sitting all the time at the car.I just saw some views out at the window of  car.They are so much houses there.I enjoyed to see the natural landscapes,natural natures, the nice views of the beaches,the natural views of so high mountain.Like examples on this pictures.We took this on the top of mountain.We see that many houses down there.They are the town of Harstad.We used to walked up at the mountains.My husband bring me at that up.It was very nice the view over there. We saw all the part of Harstad.Happy weekend everyone.I hope everybody have a nice weekend.

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 I hate everyday at school thinking much about all the word and understand all the word.The difficulties to me are to pronounce the sound of the nine vowel letters in Norway.I can know where i am right?Because they similarities how to speak but they different meaning.I know you cannot understand what i mean.If you are here at Norway maybe you can understand little.Don't worry maybe i can managed all this.They said that Filipina people are known that they can managed all the problems.We can understand easily and survived the thing when it is hard .



 Happy Weekend! Pictures, Images and Photos

Friday, May 21, 2010

I'll learned

I would like to shared about what  i learned today at school in Norwegian languages.Today is short day at school.They are only four hours this day.I gonna say that her in Norway,they have 45 minutes at school and that is counted into one hour.They worked  within eight hours in one day.My husband said they got good salary and not so  long time working.He worked at local newspaper.Which is mean that this newspaper are just only at News,commercial,sports in part of whole  Harstad.They have  two kinds of National newspaper the VG and Dagbladet.VG are   Verdens gang which is mean World  time.Dagbladet is the National newspaper.They have also et ukeblad.Ukeblad er magazine.

They  are about on Home(Hjemmet)Allers,Norsk ukeblad(Norwegian magazine),Women and Clothing(Kvinner og Klær).There are four meals in Norway.They are breakfast(frokost) lunch,(lunsj)dinner,(middag)supper(kveldsmat).They have many types of berries.There are cranberries(tyttebær),currants(rips),strawberries(jordbær),gooseberries(stikkelsbær),raspberries(bringebær),blueberries(blåbær).They are four season in a year.

There are summer(sommer),autumn(høst),spring(vår),winter(vinter).There some many rules that different from where i came from.I went at Norwegian languages everyday.In the three days we have whole day at school and they are  six hours in  each day.And the rest two days are only four hours in each day also.I learned a lot of many things.I can speak but not normally all word.I were been in school in almost six months.Since,4 of January i started on it until now.We gonna have holiday on this coming July 2.We just finished our first level of exam to prove that we can speak Norwegian.They need that we can pass the second level of exam that they need at municipality.But if i gonna go to at school as a normal student they needed to pass this third level exam and also this Bergen test.Which is that mean that we are really known about Norwegian languages.Bergen test is the languages from Bergen.This some places that is big city.Look like in Oslo is the Capital city i think.If someone gonna go at University it should pass this Bergen test.I really gonna want to go study in University but i need to attend also this Videregånde which is means that is High School.
My contact teacher at school told me that i need to attend that as soon as possible.I have limited time now,i need to speak so much but the problem with me  they   are depending on my age.I thought i cannot catch up that time because i just only 2 years that i need to learn Norwegian languages.But we will see on it later on.There something i can share with all,i learned today about direction of the  old furniture here in Norway.Imagined all of the things that they don't need to used they going to return at the shop.

And some are have those shop that all things are was used.They called that they are second hand.The name of the shop here in Harstad are Fretex.Some of the refugees are prefer to shop her so that  it is free of tax.Everything in her are expensive.Is really nice that's have a good worked.I learned this thing when my teacher gets some of news paper at school today to learned about changing something like clothes once they don't need to used one of  these they going to changes at some friends that they like it.This is  very wise about used thing here.Every bottles here are have paint into one kroner.We collecting all of these and return into the shop and you can get some money.All papers,cartoon,glass things that can easily broke are need to put in the trash can near  the some shop..They puts all of these separately.I feels excited  we gonna travel until Tromso by car.Tromso are the big city near here in Harstad.I feels excite so that this is my first time to go there.They said that they are big city.There so much population there.We gonna go there to gets some of the friend in mind  of the son of my husband.It's faraway.It  will be seven hours to drive both ways.My husband said that we gonna back home at maybe in midnight.I planned to have some pictures so that we can know what this town.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Always complaining...

Hallo everywhere..I  have nothing can think just i am  bored.Approximately, i think that they are natural to complain about different  situation.First,i grown up into a normal and poor family.I am the eldest daughter out of four brothers and one sister.We are grown that we didn't had house work.Specially for me i am the eldest and all the house worked it was my obligation that i need to do.Since,i was starting in Kinder my mother teach  me to had some worked in house.Before,i can played if am  already finished what worked should i do it.Then,when i was working student also it was so busy time.I  recognized and realized that i think i need to be like this.Likewise,we are many and my father are was a farmer and the income just only we can ate in three times a day.Before, we managed all of that situation when father wasn't yet accident.When he was..We just hoping we can survived in later sooner.Thats why,i am not so good on experiencing about socially.I never had experiencing about dating and had another relationship between those some like age  as me.I was  very innocent about relationships.When i met this man and now my husband that's it..Just he is nothing else...And now we living together with his son .In the beginning is not so bored because i feels excited to live with him.I complained about things that they are big different on where i came from.Most of all ,this food,culture,people,everything was new for me.Also the weather here,the are different  spring,winter,summer and autumn.When i came here for winter season and it was very cold and i was frozen.And now,they are spring but sometimes we cannot understand it will be rain and snowing and also the sunshine.I bored to stay in the house alone.Yeah,i can do here at net and also house work.Yes of coures,after i went at school this  Norwegian languages I just home.Oh yeah,sometimes in the weekend maybe i can joined with my husband on  his playing job but that was depending if he going to play with have a reservation for a room.But,if doesn't have i prefer to stay at home alone.That's boring life.But it's doesn't matter at least we are together.I thankful we lived together now for almost 7 months when i arrived..We are very  glad  this because it was difficult  waited  so long with my visa at Philippines.Sometimes i cannot understand my self because am with him and i should accept whenever it's bored wouldn't be depress.I know,everybody can be bored,bored at home also bored to go work.I bored also to go school  in whole day.After school,i am tired,sleepy..I feels easily  sleepy because they are cold here maybe that's why!..

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Yesterday was the National day here in Norway.I took this picture when there some people sang thier national song.They listening and singing also.The called also "The Norwegian Constitutions Day" is the "National Day of Norway.This time was an official National Holiday.The called "syttende mai".This was declared that Norway to be independent nation.This signed at Eidsvoll on May 17 in the year 1814.They had parades,russ tog and this pictures when the military participation.The russ tog meaning that those some of the students will be graduating .They wearing also national dress bunad.They had a very funny parades some of this students.
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Sunday, May 16, 2010


Our first time making grilled yesterday.It was called svine koteletter in Norwegian.But they are pork chops.Those time was very nice weather outside.After we went a little tour in the town.We thought that it's good we grilled outside in the garden.So,we made three pork chops for two people.The big one  was for me and rest two for my hubby.I really miss this food out at the Phils.So,i made also a sauce with  onion,garlic,silver swan soy sauce and vinegar.It was very delicious.We made also some vegetable,it  was called agurk in Norwegain.It's called cucumber.My husband liked also the sauce i made.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


When i woke up this morning i feels not good.I had headache in my another side of my head.I lets my husband massage a little but still it have pain until now.My husband suggested we should going out so that i can have fresh air.But i thought i cannot go far away with a bike.So,i suggested to going out at the back at the house to clean a little in the garden.These he is,he takes a way some dry leaves.I was helping too,so that i can out  little and try if it will gone the pain in my head.But i feels little okay but after i got inside the house i feels it's again.I feels also i going to vomit .I feels not good on little couples day until now.But i don't know what is it.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Thoughts today

Today our last day of the week in the school.We have  three days no classes,tomorrow,in Friday and also this coming Monday.This coming Monday  are the national day in all Norway.We planned to see the parade in the town.Our teacher discuss about what the activities in that day.She said that some of the Norwegian  people will dance at the park and wearing the national clothes that is  called bunad.It will be happen near in the hospital.There have many banner like the voksenopplæring school.They are the adult immigrants.They are 17.May the national day i Norway.They have also national song"Ja,vi elsker".And tomorrow it will be christian day.Norwegian people are christian.They are protestant or catholic.But mostly of them are christian protestant.My husband are protestant but he can joined also at catholic chruch.But they are not so religous.They are not attending mass every sunday.But they are different belief to God.In the Philippines,I went always at church.I went everyday there becuase i can walked until chruch there every morning.But now,i was not so much because it's little faraway from where i live until the church.It will be 10-15 minutes to drive by car and sometimes my husband he will be lazy to drive me there.I should takes a buss but it will be long to wait and i will be late then at chruch.Because every weekend they not so much people and the buss i  don't know how ofte goes until town.

Monday, May 10, 2010


It is Monday today and they are wonderful weather.They are not so much cold and hot.I thought this morning to wear clothes for summer.This is my first time wearing not so thick .But i felt little cold,so i wears sweater and dress with under jeans with out thick jeans.I used to took a picture with my self.So,i pleased some of my classmate to took a shot on me.They said:I really like to have new pictures.I like also to take some of the new nices view her in Norway.They say that Norway are the best tourist pot on summer season.There some places here that they have many tourism will visiting and making vacation to see the midnight sun.Some of them make a painting out at the hills ,oceans.Look like somewhere i Lofoten.They said that thiers some tourist go and take a look to the nature.Norway have a natural nature.They are very nice to go on the top of the moutains to see all the views in natures.I like also to go some parts and take some pictures and i going to post here.We planned to have vaccation at Finnmark this coming summer.We should travel by car,with some friend of mind into my husband.Becuase there have many reindeer and mostly people to live with that animals.And they said that it will be nice this summer to go with car so that we can see the view on the landscape.I rather and look forward about that.
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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's day to all mom!

I should dedicated this card to all mothers in the world specially my mother.Even i upset with her before but i thought that she is still my mother.Every things i remember some advices and reminded to me are all right.But sometimes it will be too much.But nothing can changes that mother is the best friend at  all.Happy mother's day !

Saturday, May 8, 2010


I took this picture today.It's little rain and little snow outside now.In Norwegian languages called skletta.The rain can melting snow.This picture in our outside back garden for summer.And it's starting to melt and almost done.We been starting to clean the garden on last day.The plants and the trees starts to growing.I thought before that plants in  winter season, they are died but just only the leaves goes away.But this pine trees we can see  here in picture,  they are still leaves even in the winter season.And we can see  also have still little snow.Spring season here are not good.Sometimes,it will be wonderful sunshine,snowing and also raining.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Some pictures on winter

This our outside on winter.They are very thick snow.The trees full of snow and the sky are very white.They said that this year are very much snow than on last year .Because even they are already  in  the month of spring they had still snow.But this week they wasn't  wonderful  weather  the snow are starting to melt.And it wasn't have snowing  more.It wasn't good on winter season.It was very cold and we was wearing so much clothes and thick.We used also so much of socks .You cannot go outside and you cannot open the window.What kind of country of this?It bored to stay all day inside the house.You cannot go out and cannot bike.I almost used here pajamas and sweater even inside the house.We cannot talked to another people because i cannot speak their languages and everybody was closed the door.This country are very big different from where i came.There's no other people i met everyday only the face of my husband and his son.And when i started at Norskkurs it wasn't so bored.But we can only communicate those people that can talked English.And now it's a little bit okey because i can speak now on Norwegian language and can understand too.I cannot fluently speak but at least i known a little than those nothing.


Hello guys,i back again.It was long time again i didn't post because you know sometimes a little bite busy also not good internet connection.I heard some of people complain about the weather here i Norway.This month also this coming month are for spring season but this past last month was so bad weather sometimes it will so much snow and a little rain.And this week was wonderful days because it's not so cold and it's little warm.This picture took when i was school.My classmate took this picture.It was suddenly had snowing and after in a little minute it will be sunshine.And they said:Hvor er våren her i Norge?-Where are spring here in Norge?hehehe..They said also maybe they will not spend summer..hehehe..Very amazing country.Before i came here i saw a little light and now it's very early we can see the light and it will be dark so long maybe midnight light.But when  we going to sleep have still light.Oh yeah,summer season next couple month and they said here in Harstad all day and night the sunshine.Oh yeah they are starting now. So,maybe coming soon the midnight sun.