Friday, May 7, 2010

Some pictures on winter

This our outside on winter.They are very thick snow.The trees full of snow and the sky are very white.They said that this year are very much snow than on last year .Because even they are already  in  the month of spring they had still snow.But this week they wasn't  wonderful  weather  the snow are starting to melt.And it wasn't have snowing  more.It wasn't good on winter season.It was very cold and we was wearing so much clothes and thick.We used also so much of socks .You cannot go outside and you cannot open the window.What kind of country of this?It bored to stay all day inside the house.You cannot go out and cannot bike.I almost used here pajamas and sweater even inside the house.We cannot talked to another people because i cannot speak their languages and everybody was closed the door.This country are very big different from where i came.There's no other people i met everyday only the face of my husband and his son.And when i started at Norskkurs it wasn't so bored.But we can only communicate those people that can talked English.And now it's a little bit okey because i can speak now on Norwegian language and can understand too.I cannot fluently speak but at least i known a little than those nothing.

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