Tuesday, March 31, 2009

This pictures was taken on when my the family of boss having reunion.My boss took with me under the palm tree.And in other pictures you can see there they auntie's of my boss.They have blood of Chinese and the right is my boss wearing green blouse next is me wearing maroon obvious i think and in my back one of they auntie of my boss she is Eva,the same name the next and last is Bebie.My boss was want me to joined with them and haven't enjoying with them too.They been very fun,they are singing,dancing and the kids doing some games and also the mothers and fathers.And at the afternoon not so much heat of sun they was swimming. They haven't fun for their reunion.If you noticed my boss is not looking having 2 already kids she look a lady right?She have 2 kids one boy name John Clark 12 years old and he is now grade six this coming school open and she have one daughter too name Frances Marian,11 years and she will be grade 5 this coming school year.

Tuesday and last day of month

Hello,is now the end of march and until now no more yet news about my application from immigration in Norway.So hard this situation and i know that i am not the one experience like this.Well,i always complaining now of waiting this long time processing of my application i hate this..I'd always saying very tired of waiting,from the beginning until now i never adjust my character always complaining and act like a childish.I'd always make a problem to my husband i am the one to create like i am very tired i need to leave Leyte.But i cannot leave Leyte because i have braces i need to check up and adjust every month.Then i complain my situation also here about my house i am not staying in permanent house.And now i am not staying in my auntie's house i am here in my boss before when i am working student,and about communicating in my husband we chatted in cafe because in my auntie's computer already destroyed.Then i am wasting money to paid the internet bill every month because i haven't contract one year at company then i just using 3 months only so my decision of connecting the internet was wrong very crazy.But i think is ok i think very difficult about processing and i tried to accept this i hope i can..

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I can't sleep

After i chatted to my hubby i got many tears gone because it is a bad news i got today.We expected is not so long time waiting after he been at interview but we are wrong.He is always calling and email at immigration and they said may takes several months more processing.Oh no,every moment we chatting here with my husband he will saying you have visa soon.And i say when?And now this night i can't sleep i am thinking much and while i write here my tears always drop.It is okay my visa will takes so long if my hubby is always visit with me here but he have short time vacation only of his work.Once a year he have few days vacation likewise in my wedding time it was only few days.It's very pity we did not been taking honeymoon. After few days he was go back to go home Norway.It's very hard the situation like this.But i know i don't have no more choice i need to wait more more time until become crazy.

Monday, March 16, 2009


This pictured was took on my hubby was first visiting on me here on Philippines he was took with me when we are at swimming pole.He was likes to swim at pole when he feels very hot.And he was wanted with me to
wearing the bikini.You know those time my first experience i can expose my body and i was said i don't want because i shy.Well,i tried and i was thought of this time what the used this bikini if i don't want to wear.!And why i shy?So,this time we are always at swimming pole mostly everyday and i am looked very tanned of this time because of the heat of the sun.I am looked like negra.lol
Hello,thanks for my friends give some nice comments here on my blog.I'd tried to keep writing here so that i can improve my grammar.And this some days ago i was changed my template here.I thought this is nice so i tried and looked very good.As usual i don't have still news from immigration as now.And yesterday we are been talking my hubby he was said that he been wrote a emailed to the immigration an angry mailed.Because he was said why the immigration process the application long long time and they are only focus to the people from Africa that this is illegal and why they are not focusing those legal application like mine.We are eager to know what is the response from the immigration later when we chat.I don't know the procedures about this processing my documents and why is it its takes long long time?At the first time we applied an Entry visa and was denied.In a site of Royal Norwegian Embassy the processing of this visa will takes only 3-4 months but after 2 and half months i was got noticed that it was denied and we are know now that those people applied of this almost denied.My hubby was angry at the immigration and he was said why the immigration not saying at their sites that mostly people applied of this mostly denied and not also said we can apply at once the Family Reunification visa.This visa process around at 8-9 months but hubby was asked at the immigration if my papers are already verify it will not takes so much long time.But until now not yet still confirmation.I'd always complaining maybe this is my altitude look like childish this one also i need to change.I feel eager to know the result of this so that i can have way we see each other again.But sometimes i will think maybe i am excite because we miss each other.But my some friend advice that while i am still here at Philippines i need to enjoy my time here because when the time i will at my hubby's place i am alone and lonely.So, guess so because i don't have family except him.Instead i need to complaining i need to see in positive sides maybe is not time as now to go there because i need to finish my braces and at their sun is back so is not so cold there when i come.Hope so soon i will be travel when sun is back...

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wanted peace of mind

Hello,..From the beginning i don't have peace in my mind.I'd always think my obligation as a good helper and as a good working student and also a good daughter that can help to my parents a little financial.I think always how we can survived our financial problem and health problem.Is not that I'd always think also about our staying faraway to my hubby if when we can meet again.I don't know about this visa why is it's very long time processing!Sometimes i cry and maybe i will become crazy this situation.And also my hubby he thinks about this long time processing he want to get angry but we have no choice.He was called again this morning the immigration of Oslo Norway then they are saying they got the application sent from the police there town of my hubby but not already pass to the department of Family Reunification.So he want to call this coming the end of this week to know if they pass the application to the department.He want to push it because they will pass also to the embassy of Manila.So very long time processing really and we are not sure what is the result about this..But hubby think positive we are legally married so no more reason to deny again..We hope so we will see then if the result is come and i will wait so much long long time...

Friday, March 6, 2009


Hello guys,how are you all?First of all i wanna thanks to all my loyal friends here.And so long time i didn't do blog here because i am worried about my grammar.I ashamed to write here as now but i try to do my best.At first time this is my problem.But maybe this is the way i can improve my words.But i am happy that their some people complain about my grammar.So that i can improve this soon.I believe that try and try until to success.lol..I have no more yet good news about my application as now.But after my husband interview until now no more yet news from immigration.But my husband said he will call next week to the immigration to know if what the application going on.This Family Reunification visa will be process around 9 months.Then my husband said he was asked to the police there town if the documents confirmed already it will not long time process.Because i was already applied and passed my application at Royal Norwegian Embassy at Manila before to applied those Entry visa but it was denied.But we will see what happen this next week the result..Happy weekend everybody...