Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Life issues

As a young wife or as newly living together we cannot have an issues in life.I know everybody haven't perfect married.I know married life are not totally perfect.I heard someone said that couples quarrel are normal in marriage.As my situation,i am totally like a child dish that my husband say to me.I know everybody can be like that as that having some disappointed.I really got easily upset,disappointed and i thinking all the time negative side on me.As a young wife that have no knowledgeable or knowing about everything i cannot deny i am only high school graduated.I cannot totally i am  a dull but mostly things in this new world to me are almost different.My husband had much experiences on his world than to me.I know that cases but i need also to react i what  have done that i don't know.I just only newly came here,i don't have nothing,i don't have worked or no more income.

.I couldn't help him for the expenses on this house.I really understand on problem about money.Money are the number one problem.If without that it can be much problem.We are normal here,he's only had worked and we are eating three mouths.So,because he's just worked all the expenses only him will be pay.For food,electricity,clothes, and etc..I couldn't worked as now because i need to finished Norsk prøve 2.After that i need also to speak fluently Norwegian languages.I am worry about communicating to another people because i am shyness.I don't know why..I have also problem my family at Philippines. So,i need my father to have an operation again.As i told here in my oldest post that my father was a serious accident.He can worked as a normal that can have normal income.So i rather to think that,and want to have work either they are helper.So that also i can help here in the house.That's my life that sometimes is up and full down.