Thursday, January 8, 2009

My cosmetics

Hello guys,it is now again the other day.What should i do today?I been travel almost one hour to the small city here to get the little transferring to my hubby.I been buying my cosmetic for my hair and skin.I was buy Vaseline shampoo,Cream silk conditioner,johnson's baby lotion and powder too,also top gel soap.I love so much my hair if i am using Vaseline shampoo i feel my hair healthy, with have germ fighting formula and milk protein complex to help nourish and softer hair.And then,because i am learning so far using this cream silk conditioner with strength boost its can helps this to transform hair by targeting and correcting imperfections and i feel comfortable that my hair softer and stronger by reinforcing weak areas and infusing flexibility to help prevent hair breakage.It will looking shine ,flawless and beautiful hair.So maybe can try this choice those green those strength boost because its good moisturized and long lasting fragrance.Usually i don't want to be white skin because i never believe that in my skin color now ,i 'm not become white but i suppose using this top gel original papaya whitening soap.Is not because this only soap that has papaya squalene,vitamin E and C,AHA and collagen in a single bar.Not only this,it can deep cleanses our skin and remove excess oil making it smooth too,white and free from blackheads and pimples.And after i been shower or take a bath i been using all body lotion,i am using this johnson's baby lotion because i love to use this i feel very smooth my skin and it is clinically mildness proven.It can keep skin soft and moisturized and enhanced with rich skin and also help to retain skin's moisture and also to baby it can leave smoother and softer.And also johnson's baby powder it is made of fine tale,so skin feels silky smooth and fresh and cool.With fragrance and freshness everybody leaves.I like very to use this all because it's not useful only it is also affordable.Wow,if we try it,maybe you will like it..Okay guys see you soon.Happy Thursday everybody.