Wednesday, December 17, 2008


We have a nice ocean here at Leyte . We have nice three island here near at Hilongos.On e hour travel by a boat. W e haven't been before when my husband here at second visit and after our married.The family of my boss will join two,the 2 kids John and Dimple.It is a nice place,nice white sand and clean water.Me and my boss taking pictures to a very nice surrounding and very like to swim there.But it was very funny because we are 6 company riding in a small boat,it is difficult because have two kids and worried it will have accident but thanks god no more happen.We are enjoying there and have fun.My husband planned to back there very nice place.So, hope so it will.


I am real Filipino both my parents too.But real Filipino are color "kayummanggi" in Tagalog version.Which it is called too" morena ",but its a tanned color not negra. In my youngest years i hate my color because there some little kids say that i am very ugly,very dark they will say that they will not see with at night time because i am negra. From,i was left at mountain i was went down at town to having work as a housemaid,then at age of 13 years old i been working as housemaid is not easy from the beginning but i need to do. Then ,my boss say if i want to school at night so i agree i am interesting to do this to finish school even only high school and that's why i do now.Then,some saying that i am pretty but i don't know if they are kidding my eyes is beautiful the color of my skin is nice they will say,so i just imagine i am not ugly ,is not to my outside personality only we will look for the eyes if we can say that woman having good humor or attitude.That is what my inspiration to my husband that he accept even i am like this. Even some people say i will thankful that my husband marry me even i am negra, ugly,but i don't care about it they will say,i will go on my life.

At mall

From the church of mama Mary,we been too at SM mall of Cebu.At the shop ,we been noticing have a Christmas tree and Santa Clause say "hand off",then we only take a picture with Dimple the daughter of my boss.Its funny we just take pictures for this,no more here at house of my boss.We just eat only there and my boss buy something like clothes and etc.But me i didn't buy it's because i don't budget,i have some needed but i will always think must better i first bring father at doctor. I don't have income only this transfer of my husband.I want to work but my husband not agree and some they will not accept with me if they know that i am married they need single.So, i have no choice stay here at my aunties house and waiting at the visa.It is a boring but now i do this blog so that i will not feel boring and i can manage my speaking in English even not exactly at grammar.Just do it every morning sweep outside all surrounding and do housework here too and chat to my husband then.


We haven't too visit a friend at this time first visit him.On the way ,he was took a pictures with me.,that i am walking after with him at those friend too .We have seen to carabao at that way and i was took pictures with him near at carabao.As we know this animal is carabao which the cause why my father fall down from tree to get this leaves to feed this.But this carabao was sale but not exactly can pay for the payment of hospital ,medicine and etc.We can say that if this carabao not come in life of father maybe father still walk now.But i just think i say to myself maybe god have things why it will be happen that is i did not know. A carabao is a useful animal for the farmer,to do the pot of rice and pot of rice corn and everything,can carry heavy thing. But it is sad too,this animal can cause that father can't walk.I can't accept at the beginning but we have to.I believe that god did not give problem with us if we cannot do to solve it..Is it i am right?Maybe we need to accept this situation and need to move on just life goes on. Everybody have problem different problem but some can mange to solve some it will not. Then i have been thinking maybe this the trials came in life of father if he can manage.My family have many problem from the beginning too but its ok father still ok no more sick before mother always got sick and also now.So,now family is one of the problem financial,but also support with us my brother do a coconut wine from coconut tree which father before do this.But this is can"t survive,my husband transfer with me a little money i have been sending little too with them but this is enough.That's why we hopefully i can get visa granted so that i will travel soon to my husband and study there language and have goo d work soon and save for this.

At mountain

From the beginning,my husband visit at mountain for my family this the first visit with me.H e was took a pictures to my father,that sat down and cannot walk it's very pity to think and imagine that hopefully father did fall from tree so that he can walk until now.He is pity too he cannot talk English he is only grade one.He was not aware at school because my grandmother not obey with him to school.When my husband was there only smiling and did notBU talk my father.My father is best all over the world he is good man ,just work for with us.But this accident just we haven't now maybe this is his destiny.But, i guess so,my husband planned to bring him back at doctor but we need to save some more money it's because very expensive to have operation again.My husband is poor too,having work but it's normal so he offer me to help soon if i can find too work with them at his place.But,this sooner when it will be happen because i was deny my first visa,then i didn't know this next visa and all i can say hopefully it will be granted as soon as possible.Because if we will try and try it will be succeed.