Wednesday, December 17, 2008

At mall

From the church of mama Mary,we been too at SM mall of Cebu.At the shop ,we been noticing have a Christmas tree and Santa Clause say "hand off",then we only take a picture with Dimple the daughter of my boss.Its funny we just take pictures for this,no more here at house of my boss.We just eat only there and my boss buy something like clothes and etc.But me i didn't buy it's because i don't budget,i have some needed but i will always think must better i first bring father at doctor. I don't have income only this transfer of my husband.I want to work but my husband not agree and some they will not accept with me if they know that i am married they need single.So, i have no choice stay here at my aunties house and waiting at the visa.It is a boring but now i do this blog so that i will not feel boring and i can manage my speaking in English even not exactly at grammar.Just do it every morning sweep outside all surrounding and do housework here too and chat to my husband then.

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