Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I am real Filipino both my parents too.But real Filipino are color "kayummanggi" in Tagalog version.Which it is called too" morena ",but its a tanned color not negra. In my youngest years i hate my color because there some little kids say that i am very ugly,very dark they will say that they will not see with at night time because i am negra. From,i was left at mountain i was went down at town to having work as a housemaid,then at age of 13 years old i been working as housemaid is not easy from the beginning but i need to do. Then ,my boss say if i want to school at night so i agree i am interesting to do this to finish school even only high school and that's why i do now.Then,some saying that i am pretty but i don't know if they are kidding my eyes is beautiful the color of my skin is nice they will say,so i just imagine i am not ugly ,is not to my outside personality only we will look for the eyes if we can say that woman having good humor or attitude.That is what my inspiration to my husband that he accept even i am like this. Even some people say i will thankful that my husband marry me even i am negra, ugly,but i don't care about it they will say,i will go on my life.

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