Sunday, January 25, 2009


Hi guys,It's a Sunday today again.First of all i wanna say thank you for those who was followed my blog.Thank you so much of you all.I am here now to do this blog as usual is all about only what i been doing everyday and what is happening in my life in everyminute and every day.Because it is Sunday today here at Philippines we been at church with my aunties,uncle too.In our neighbor town,which it is fiesta today for the Senior Santo Nino.He is little Jesus Christ.This place we called this Bato Leyte,I was born at province and part of Bato.We lived at mountain in Bato.And my family will be still staying there now.And i am now here at Matalom Leyte town .I been suppossed here to stay it is because it's having anyway this old computer that long time my cousin been using this after she been leaving here at Philippines.Then,i been also today at mountain to go there to look this school ID to my classmate were i having this before.Then i am forgot now where i been putting this and i don't know now.This ID is very important to my classmate she will be getting passport then the one of the requiremets is old ID.And until now,i didn't see it and i am worried now,must better i been keeping safely.But oh no,where is this things! I am worried now to my classmate she is crying she been texting now in my cheap mobile phone.Oh my god,help me.!I hope i can remember where is this now.Happy Sunday guys..Diva senior!!!!!