Sunday, May 23, 2010

Just precious Sunday!

Our life today just only precious.We got up in morning just wonderful another day.Another day that have nice good health,we still breath,we can see ,we can heard,we can walked everything are perfect.We are lucky that we are normally healthy.We are bless  that we have complete parts of the body.We have good condition of our body.They don't have some sick.We must to take care what we have now.We just make have some an exercise to moves  our all bones.We been a long walked today with some of  friend in mind of my husband.We walked together and talking together.It was little cold outside because they are windy.But they are  plus grader they are not so cold just only cold because of the wind.Sometimes we  go biking.They are also good exercise.Is not so bored to out and make have some fresh air.It will not so sleepy if i got sweating our body.It will be bored  if just sitting all the time at computer.I should try my self to be active  because my husband he likes i will be sporty.He likes also that we bonding together.

Then,i was not attending again mass today.I was not go to church.I have many absent when i came here.I feels guilty sometimes because when i was still at Philippines the priest told me that i should attending mass every Sunday.Even just only that day.That the  important day.Just only once a day in one week and just only more one hour the mass.I guilty that i cannot do that here again.I should do that soon.If i said   to my husband oh no,i did not attending mass again today.And he said,you gonna go next Sunday.I hope so i can go then.Happy Sunday everyone.