Sunday, January 11, 2009

My dreams

Hi guys,it is now Sunday.Sunday for the people who are catholic it is now time to go church.I am Christian catholic and my family too.But my hubby he is Christian protestant.We been marrying by mixed married.I think both of this having different belief.Even we have different name using to believe but all of us only having one god.As before when i was a little young girl.My dream to having good job and I was hoping too that i can meet a nice who are my first man and lover.My hubby now he is my only one man i been meeting in my life.Maybe you will not believed with me but i can say that's true.How ever my hubby he did not believed in the first time.But when we been meeting last years in 2007,i been explained that i never been meeting boyfriend.He was the one only i been meeting.I was tell him since i been leaving at mountain and was go down here at town i was been focusing my work and night study.I never felt love before.Even some of my classmate admired with me but i didn't felt anything.From i was starting as a working student and was study night high school and at day time work as a housemaid.This moment,it is very difficult to think it is not easy in like my age before.I been leaving at age of 13 years old after i been finished elementary school.I was leaving it's because i wanted to help some financial of my parents.But it was disguising and blessing some of one my employer was offered with me to work at day and night time studying.And at the meantime having a little salary then i supposed this to give at my parents.I am simple woman dreamed and wanted to help my parents and marry a nice man not rich of money but rich of love,care,passion and romance.Having happy families and successful married.I been sacrificed as working student even the time was came that father been accident i did not stop at school.I was thinking even i will be going to stop my father will not get well.As my age and profession i can't make it to having much income.Yes,i can work but as a housemaid and then the salary only little .And now i am a young wife that stay far away to my hubby.Stay boring without my lover.But i believe will be together soon and forever.Sometimes married life having up and down,in a bad and good days.Have a nice Sunday everybody.