Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday again

Hi guys,It's Monday again.This day the first time go back at work and school.And usually for the people not working and studying look like me only at house you can feel very tired day and not everyday it is every second very tired waiting for the time will be passing quickly.As my situation now i am complaining to my hubby that as he knows that i am very tired now of waiting this visa then he also said that he too very tired of waiting but he said that he never give up and he said too with me be positive,think for the future that we will be together soon and staying forever.And i am hoping this time but still feel very boring and lonely time not this day but for this past and coming more days.Well,this is the one i need to face off waiting very long time and i am hoping to myself that help me god that i can manage all this not today and also for the coming many days.Oh no,sometimes i am complaining in myself that if i know before is very hard and very difficult to inlove a man stay farway with me maybe i did not want to do myself to having this relationship but this what i been having now,nothing i can do as now or no more choice i need to wait.Everyday and every night i am thinking very much and asking myself what my life going on if no more partner forever.You know guys as i been experiencing for the few time we been spending my partner last time we meeting it is very different if you are alone.As my experience and i been feel it's very happy if you having partner in life.For the happines both of us and sharing everytime for the sadness and happiness everyday.I miss the things that my partner is always in my side.Wow,it is a big diffirent but i know as a married life it is normal having disappointed,misunderstanding.Well,this is my first step and i don't know what will be going on in the future we can see that soon guys.Today,i am only doing little housework,normally staying here at inside at house.And ofcoures also tomorrow and thinking much about for the coming days what i need to be doing soon.Happy Monday everybody.