Thursday, November 8, 2012

Back again here

Today is my first day at school.  It was so excited . My schooling to finish a coures. It's just have to finish a coures something like that. I have been three years here Norway and I got problem to speak english. I decided now to write again. Then and sooner I might  be update my page again. I should focus learning and speaking norwegian coures. And also I gonna periority my school now to finish my goal. To learn norwegian coures is also a hard ting to do also.  However, why I cannot do it If I am serious to do it. Because another people  can do it why it is I am not.
It hard to think anyway. It will progress many years. Its take 60 months to have experience to commit the goal. I have some experience where I worked at place before. So, it will not so long more if they approved that I had also experience many years before.
It will a busy day. I going to have temporary work . I should work to have more  experience on this coures.  It so difficult, don't you? Well, you guys not understand on it why I am talking about. Well, I must to say have a nice day everyone...See you all around when I see you all again..

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Summer in North Norway

What I can say that.. I do almost to focus at work and spending time with my friends here in Harstad Norway. It's now summer season here but it's a little bit colder becuase of cloudy and windy day. We have been together with all filipina here by almost weekend or days .. We used to have some filipino foods trip  and etc. We spending together by eating. So, we thought also to have some sight seeing tour at the mountain. We did hiking  up in the mountain. So, we can experiences to see what is  the real beauty in North Norway. We did that when it was so sunny day. We have seen so wonderful view and amazing nature. We can see now here our some pictures. We had eaten so much foods because almost everyday we having foods trip. So, we need also to burning it all the calories we got .hehehe.. It was so good feeling to get up there at the mountain we can smell fresh air. We can relax and thinking freshly. I am home now and I have no work. I gonna go window shopping soon at the center. Later, we going  visit . Have a nice day everyone.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Vacation May 2012

at Bohol
Hello guys, what I think now to update again here in my blog. I did a lot things with in past few months. For most of all I have been in vacation in Philippines where my home town. I had been visiting my family in the second times since I came in Norway in almost 3 years in this coming November this year. It was not so long vacation. It was 2 and half weeks. But it was worthful because I met my family. I had been in Boracay with the tourist pot in Philippines in the first time I had been there. We been also in Bohol together with my family. We roaming around there in a short time. But we had fun and enjoy. My husband planned to back in Phil, just 2 weeks again I hope it will be soon. We just do something there.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Our new filipino community officer in Harstad Norway

We had induction for new officer yesterday. We have been selected for the new members becuase the older members are now retired. These are the selected new members. It was cool at belonging with them. As a selected member I do things best I can support back to them that they gave .

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Photo effects

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Friday, March 2, 2012

Lucky life

Yesterday, I was not good feeling to go work. I had fever , sneezing so much and coughing like wise today. However, I decided and husband drove  me to work even though not feeling well. But I said to my husband I cannot do it to be at work and he said just tried and should  call him when going back home. But when we were almost in the work place. It was so slippery to drive up becuase I worked in the little mountain I can say. It was so taffic because the buss stock up in the road and  cannot drive more up. So, we waiting a little while in meter back at that buss and waiting the another car drive accross that buss. So, we tok a chance to drived when it was not so traffic and in meter front away at the buss we can't drive more. So, my husband tried to see back and saw if it has car back us when he opened the door and started to slide the car and bump in that buss.The window of our car was destroyed and also in the back side. The buss destroyed the front  light and little some parts . I never thought that happened yesterday. We are lucky at we both not injured. Perhaps, It was our little wrong to drive up and tried to overtake and we knew at very slippery. That was life.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Snow snow

Hello guys, I didn't know what happen outside in the house. We are not home in two nights now.  My husband is playing a band two nights now and I joined him but I just here in hotel while waiting they are finish of playing. They playing a band in the weekends with his companion. Sometimes, he suggested me I will be with. They are 2-3 hours away from home. So, I decided to bring my notebook here and updated my blog and dropping back. Yesterday night was so exhausted and just asleep. I shared this pictures because I wanna say that it's almost whole day been snowing here and I heard from my husband that in our place was bad snow storm weather. So, so much of snow. I took this pictures two years ago I think. This was the first time I saw snow!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Valentines 2012

We have been celebrating valentines party here in our filipinos community in Harstad Norway. It was best ever valentines party. We had a lot of filipino foods that we made it our cooperation. We had international guest. What I mean some another country was attending too. We had good times ever. They  shared  and celebrated  thier  wedding anniverssary one of our committee. We had some games and competition to be a Mrs Valentines 2012. It was so lucky with because I won on it.. hehe We had also last year like Muse of the night and I won on it that time. I can share some pictures here ! Because I won last year  Muse of the night so I returned over it this year to she won this year.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Northern Lights

Hello everybody, now and then I almost not here and updated my page. When the time I got home from work I just surfing a little while at the computer . Sometimes I got home , eating and nap in the sofa because I am so exhausted. One of the reason why I am so tired because we did not yet seen a sun here. But now, it's started to back the sun and it will be light from morning until 5pm. I just wanted to shared how we lucky to see the Northen Lights here. I actually seen it sometimes when it is so cold degrees. Sometimes, I have been seen it like butterfly hehe... Here some pictures I grab from one of my friends. She lived near at he mountain so she can see always nothern lights.