Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Summer in North Norway

What I can say that.. I do almost to focus at work and spending time with my friends here in Harstad Norway. It's now summer season here but it's a little bit colder becuase of cloudy and windy day. We have been together with all filipina here by almost weekend or days .. We used to have some filipino foods trip  and etc. We spending together by eating. So, we thought also to have some sight seeing tour at the mountain. We did hiking  up in the mountain. So, we can experiences to see what is  the real beauty in North Norway. We did that when it was so sunny day. We have seen so wonderful view and amazing nature. We can see now here our some pictures. We had eaten so much foods because almost everyday we having foods trip. So, we need also to burning it all the calories we got .hehehe.. It was so good feeling to get up there at the mountain we can smell fresh air. We can relax and thinking freshly. I am home now and I have no work. I gonna go window shopping soon at the center. Later, we going  visit . Have a nice day everyone.

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