Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!!!!!!!!

Today is easter Sunday here in Philippines then we was woke up very early morning me,the working student of my boss and the house maid of the mother in law in my boss too.We was attended the show that Jesus was back in life and have very early mass too.I am happy that i was attended mass very early it's good feeling if i doing always early at mass.And it so be good that those time we are celebrating the easter Sunday.Much people at church and some have some prizes and some having prepared for snacks after the mass.And happy too my family now still ok no problem both them are alright and also my husband too.We chatted almost everyday as now because he have 6 free days from work then yesterday he was told me they are going to Sweden for buy something for there needed at home with his son Alex and with his friend.Thanks God they are back home all right and I hope so too and I pray my hubby have always good health and keep away from the accident and also for the sick.I pray also that hope so we will stay together soon and live happy as a husband and wife.But as now i just hope and not so expecting.We will see sooner.Happy easter anyone..

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Black Saturday

Hello,I am here now again still feel very boring all the time because of this crazy long time processing and waiting i don't understand any way of this but i hope so much i can still manage more. You know guys i am problem here i accept i can't understand myself why i need to complaining all about this.Sometimes not content for anythings i have now.Maybe i need to become crazy i am not like this before i don't know.I know it has a big changed after i met my dear husband i am not still work so hard now as a housemaid but I am still here at my boss before helping also for the some housework.I know i am blessed now that I have my husband and God knows what's my husband place in myself.God knows that I love my husband so much more than in myself.But sometimes when we talking i will keep silent and not talking I know this is not good but because of my high character i always do so.I am the one doing quarrel all the time.I am the creating problems.Yesterday was Good Friday then cafe was closed then i did not went here.Yesterday just staying house of eve my boss alone,always crying i will get crying because of my situation now i know people have end to be kind on me i know what they will feel with me i am staying with them free.I hate now my situation staying in another house no permanent house.I complain all time this.But i don't now what i need to do i know family of my boss not agree if i still there longer they one of there family got angry with me then she does always before got angry even i am not her housemaid but i was respect here so much before but this past days when the time my classmate visited with me she was got angry without exact reason they saw the things i never know it was so crazy i got feel not good very angry to myself why i am still here if my situation like this..but i know i am still housemaid but no more salary but i hope someday have a blessed from god and have miracle isn't my visa will granted so i can travel at Norway or i wished i have own room that i can stay with out disturbing to the another people i am very shy my situation now my husband know all this but i don't know that the best way to do ...

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hello,It is Thursday today here i was wrong that is easter week now.Like wise to my hubby's place easter,he have 6 days free from work he wished that i could be there this time but i am still here at Philippines still waiting the result of my visa and very really tired now.This week i always going church every early morning like before doing.But when i was got married i does stop because always went to somewhere while processing my documents was always traveled.Happy easter anyone,be careful and we will thankful to God for his sacrifices for us.

Monday, April 6, 2009


Hello,Happy summertime!and enjoy vacation anyone.This week is the lent week.I just still staying in my boss house before this is wanted to my hubby i staying here because he said he will feel better.I am not alone and we are bonding my boss in every weekend at beach and together went at church too.And about my application no more still news.It's very sad and i need to deal of waiting even i really very tired.We hate this waiting and long processing.But as we said no more options and accept this.But thanks anyway there some advices that i can have so strong and hopefully my visa come soon.I am happy that even i am here at internet cafe we still always communicating each other everyday.While i chatted with him i am visiting also many sites on blog.I happy that i got some friends here.I happy and i am bless got gives everything with me even it is few things but i feel content.Sometimes really not content but i need too.What i have now and everything.