Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Advancing Oxidative Stress Technology

Have you  heard this OXIS International?This kind of product are provider for potent  antioxidant,anti-aging,glutathione,penny stocks and free radical.As you know,this engaged in the research development of sale products that counteract the harmful effects  of oxidative stress.
On this product included therapeutic nutraceutical products,cosmeceutical products and proprietary  formulation
and clinical products are internally developed on pharmacy and drug candidates.These are focusing on naturally occurring protective substances since they are likely both safe and efficacious.Occasionally,this primary  products incorporate,emphasized the multifaceted super antioxidant compound,L -Ergohioneine as a key component that cover current and planned products relevant to nutraceutical and cosmecuetical businesses.
And more details we can see here...

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Monday, June 28, 2010

celphone with mp3

My husband bought for me a Nokia 5310 XpressMusic pink.He was order by online.It was the adress on this.

Powerful sound but small in your pocket! 2 megapixel camera and FM radio
Thin (9.9 mm), classic design with aluminum side panels. 3 dedicated music keys with function symbols. Crystal clear sound, enabled with a dedicated audio chip. Music playback up to 18 hours. Take an unforgettable pictures with 2 Megapixel camera, 4 x digital zoom and 2 "screen with 16 million colors. Switch easily between MP3 player and radio, and plug your headphones directly into the phone with the 3.5mm AV plug.

See also our package deals on the Nokia 5310 with brief further down the page!

Digital Cameras 
4x digital zoom 
2.00 Megapixels 
MP3 Player 
Internal memory (MB / GB) 30 
Compatible memory card micro SD (TransFlash) 
WiFi -nothing
Height (cm) 10.38 
Width (cm) 4.47 
Depth (cm) 0.99 
Weight (g) 71.00 
Battery Data 
Standby (hours) 300.00 
Talk time (hours) 5.20 
Sales Package includes 
Elkjøp Security Agreement covering accidents and unforeseen incidents not covered by the warranty and claims. Security Agreement also covers replacement of theft by burglary of residence, holiday home or office. 

All this you will get: 
- Professional and quick repair of your bad products 
- Replacement product if your product is not damaged beyond repair 
- Extra coverage in relation to the guarantee and warranty 
- No value depreciation 
- No deductible for the repair or replacement (not mobile phone) 

Sunday, June 13, 2010


We just came home from playing job.I was little unhappy when i came home.I saw inside the house it was messing.It will be mess the house when we  are out  in a little days.In the sala so much cartoon of pizza and some plastics and also in the bathroom.I wasn't saying any word to complain about this.Of course,it's normal to have some barkada's this son of my husband.He knows that i don't like mess either so he was the one cleaning up without complaining even we are tired of so long travel.
His son are so much spoiled and i cannot rather on that.In every morning if have school,my husband wake up very early to assist his son and force to up and make food to him.You know i got so stressed sometimes because my husband worked in day and night and he is always assisting his son that not 10 years old he is 18 years old.Oh my god!
So much spoiled!
Sometimes i will think that is not easy to had marriage like this because i did not yet kids and i always accepting this mess on the kitchen and bathroom.I always complained in the bathroom if they have so much 'barkadas'.All the towels in bathroom are used and their clothes are in the floor.
And he cannot put his plates on the opp wash machine.
So,i will be the one to do it!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

i did not dream!

On last day i said here that i hope we can buy what i saw it was half price of shoes.It was pink color displayed  there at shop.When we went back today i saw nothing display more.But i told my husband i saw it yesterday.My husband asked on the casher if they have some color there.But she said they never had it.Oh my pump!i saw was it.We went tour around until town but we did not yet buy.I need to had flat shoes i always used high hill so terrible to walked on it.We saw some flat that had some direction and it's color pink.I did not decide it already.I must to think more if i feel comfortable on it.It was nice but maybe we back there on Monday.Because here was not open the all shop on Sunday.It is so bored here on Sunday.It is closed the shopping mall instead the gas station.Or the another little shop here.The restaurant also maybe some those only.

Friday, June 4, 2010

I hope indeed

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Canvas High Top Pink M9006We was just short time at school today.My friend Dyana asked to me if i liked to go at view center.So,why not..ofcoures i love to.Then,i just saw and she brought some  perfume and lipsticks those will done in 16 hours.I been trying also those tester and until now still have.I thought it was Max factor lipsticks.She been asked also on changing the color of her hair if what is the cost..Oh my gulay!They was 900 kroner,it is very expensive she said.In Philippine money it is almost 10,000 pesos.So,she didn't continue.When we finished in our tour she wanted me to drive until our house.Then,i said i wanted to go later in Coops some of the mall here.Then,she turned the way the car and she shop many foods out there.I just planned to see on flat shoes that not jogging shoes.I love to have this because it is flat.I hope we buy soon .I saw some i like it at the some shop that it is half price.