Saturday, June 5, 2010

i did not dream!

On last day i said here that i hope we can buy what i saw it was half price of shoes.It was pink color displayed  there at shop.When we went back today i saw nothing display more.But i told my husband i saw it yesterday.My husband asked on the casher if they have some color there.But she said they never had it.Oh my pump!i saw was it.We went tour around until town but we did not yet buy.I need to had flat shoes i always used high hill so terrible to walked on it.We saw some flat that had some direction and it's color pink.I did not decide it already.I must to think more if i feel comfortable on it.It was nice but maybe we back there on Monday.Because here was not open the all shop on Sunday.It is so bored here on Sunday.It is closed the shopping mall instead the gas station.Or the another little shop here.The restaurant also maybe some those only.

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