Friday, June 4, 2010

I hope indeed

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Canvas High Top Pink M9006We was just short time at school today.My friend Dyana asked to me if i liked to go at view center.So,why not..ofcoures i love to.Then,i just saw and she brought some  perfume and lipsticks those will done in 16 hours.I been trying also those tester and until now still have.I thought it was Max factor lipsticks.She been asked also on changing the color of her hair if what is the cost..Oh my gulay!They was 900 kroner,it is very expensive she said.In Philippine money it is almost 10,000 pesos.So,she didn't continue.When we finished in our tour she wanted me to drive until our house.Then,i said i wanted to go later in Coops some of the mall here.Then,she turned the way the car and she shop many foods out there.I just planned to see on flat shoes that not jogging shoes.I love to have this because it is flat.I hope we buy soon .I saw some i like it at the some shop that it is half price.

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