Friday, February 13, 2009

Midnight time

Hi guys,it's now Friday midnight.I am doing now this blog at midnight time.As i was said before i am not always here to do this blog as now it is base on my computer condition.Like now the colorful on my screen having again not good to see anyway on screen .This midnight not good feeling because many past of special days it so very sad with me.Tomorrow it is a valentines day.And you know always alone my life again with out partner.Likewise on past x-mas and new year very sad.Every night i was thinking always and asking myself when the time we will be together.Sometimes i will be think must better i need to give up but i cant deny myself that no need to give up and never to do it.I will feels this because i am very tired of waiting now.So sorry sometimes i am very emotional and i think is not good this way.But sometimes i will think and say to god thanks for this life you give it now,for all graces and everything even some trials i need to face off hopefully god you will gives me more strong strenght and faith that i can manage all of this.Happy valentines day to all my fellow friends.