Monday, August 21, 2017

I delete my new domain

I changed my blogspot into a new domain but I cannot see anymore my post here that's why I delete it. I did not understand anything why is it. So, I searched how to delete it and I want my blog back. And I did it. I can see it now. Thanks. Anyone knows why we need to change 3rd party hosting?

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

How I wonder

I am changing 3rd party hosting now and maybe you can see here also. I  wonder if it is right? If you guys could guide me here I will appreciate alot.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

when it is nice weather

I knew a lot of people who want to experiences want to see and want to explore the Northern place where I live. I am lucky that I came here. I must appreciate also. I must tell you I never thought I can never here in Norway. I knew only America. When I saw a foreigner in our place back home we called them Amerikano. Because we knew only that. We did not know that they find some different country in the world which is different people. Is not only that which has different culture and nature. When I took this photo where we out the beach because it was so nice weather. We went there to spend time and relaxing while we enjoying shining. So much people swimming and enjoying also. I could not swim on this beach so cold water. I just sat on and caring my little boy, while we grilling too. My daughter was enjoying so much. She played the sand and run all time. She walked only at the beach she knew also the water is so cold. I think I can try to swim next time when it is not cold and can take it at all.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

5 years ago

I never thought that I can remember my blog again. I cannot imagine it had been so long time ago I don't write here since 2012.  I been working a lot in 2012 that's why I didn't have  time to update here. Many things happening in my life in past few years ago. We lost our mother in 2013, and it was our darkness in our lives. And  then in the next year I gave birth my first baby girl in 2014. For being a mother at first time it was good and a challenge for me for everyday until I gave birth my second baby boy on 2016. I am full mother , staying at home and taking care my adorable little boy when my baby girl in kinder garden.We called here in our language( Barnehagen ).Here in our place it's priority to go on this where they learn to be social to the another kids and people around them.They learn a lot things like talking properly, doing things like drawing arts, and a lot of games and etc. They will go there until they start to go school. And this where I worked lately. On this kind of work you must to be a patient, because to work with many kids is not easy. You must be creative and have much fun with them. I would like to back writing and updating my blogs now while in the meantime taking care my baby.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Back again here

Today is my first day at school.  It was so excited . My schooling to finish a coures. It's just have to finish a coures something like that. I have been three years here Norway and I got problem to speak english. I decided now to write again. Then and sooner I might  be update my page again. I should focus learning and speaking norwegian coures. And also I gonna periority my school now to finish my goal. To learn norwegian coures is also a hard ting to do also.  However, why I cannot do it If I am serious to do it. Because another people  can do it why it is I am not.
It hard to think anyway. It will progress many years. Its take 60 months to have experience to commit the goal. I have some experience where I worked at place before. So, it will not so long more if they approved that I had also experience many years before.
It will a busy day. I going to have temporary work . I should work to have more  experience on this coures.  It so difficult, don't you? Well, you guys not understand on it why I am talking about. Well, I must to say have a nice day everyone...See you all around when I see you all again..

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Summer in North Norway

What I can say that.. I do almost to focus at work and spending time with my friends here in Harstad Norway. It's now summer season here but it's a little bit colder becuase of cloudy and windy day. We have been together with all filipina here by almost weekend or days .. We used to have some filipino foods trip  and etc. We spending together by eating. So, we thought also to have some sight seeing tour at the mountain. We did hiking  up in the mountain. So, we can experiences to see what is  the real beauty in North Norway. We did that when it was so sunny day. We have seen so wonderful view and amazing nature. We can see now here our some pictures. We had eaten so much foods because almost everyday we having foods trip. So, we need also to burning it all the calories we got .hehehe.. It was so good feeling to get up there at the mountain we can smell fresh air. We can relax and thinking freshly. I am home now and I have no work. I gonna go window shopping soon at the center. Later, we going  visit . Have a nice day everyone.