Saturday, January 23, 2010

At library

We are in the library this time.We borrowed a book from kids.It is easy to read a book that had picture and small text of word.Like i had in my hand is that an apple on that picture and in norwegain is eple.It was a good idea that we read a book from kids it can be not difficult.But some another was borrowed a book that story and the teacher said that it's hard to understand for so much texts.So, they need to translate or looking and searching at the dictionary.We been studied 3 weeks ago and i felt hardly to understand some words until now.If the teacher discussing and talking without translating into english i will be not understand.And the teacher they can see that one of the thier student cannot understand they will said førstår ikke...meaning didn't understand and that is one of them.And sometimes i thought must better to be a little kids is not hardly to understand.But for me,i wanted to be kids at this situation.Because we been asking with a child at this library they cannot understand english but when we asked into norwegian she answered with us.I hope really that i can understand  soon.
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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

elk meat

On this picture we can see the meat and it's look like (adobo)i don't know in English  adobo.I will tell you i never cooked a food in my own taste that can eat another people.In our freeze here we had many meats of elk and bacon.We got this meats of elk to the man who was hunter on the land that they owner  from the father of my husband.This is somewhere in Harstad  and called village.This is forest where the elk and reindeer are mostly staying.We got this before Christmas and we stocked this in our freeze.My hubby planned to make grill in this coming summer.Okay,i would told you what is the taste of this hehe..You know i don't know how to cooked.But after i got school yesterday and my husband was went at worked also.And i felt hungry and i wanted to eat with rice and can make full in my stomach.So i decide to get out one pieces of elk meat.I was waiting 2 hours to melted because it's frozen.Then after that i putting some ingredients like vinegar,soy sauce,little salt,onion and lemon.I wanted to put something like garlic but no more stocked in freezes.It seems i was marinating but i know it was wrong.But the  taste is ok and it's look normal meat .But i just the one  eating and it was a little sour maybe so much of vinegar hehe..

Dan Cake

This hindbær roulade.As i thought  and understand it had  the berry rolled inside.It's tasted delicious and i love it.We bought this and i tried it what is good and it wasn't wrong.Tastes yummy.And this pictures i was the one eating.hehehe

Monday, January 18, 2010

Walking in forest

Hi guys,I hope you're alright.Today Monday here in Harstad i wanted to post some i had happening in our lives.What about my life ofcoures this is my post.Well,not so much information about me.At this picture it was taken yesterday Sunday.We walked in forest with this background in my picture is the sticky lake.My hubby told me with in summer so much Norwegian will going here to swimming. An it will be nice views here also in this season.We're his son was little boy they was so much went this place for had skiing and sliding.And yesterday thier some many people also did walked.It's very nice to walked in this place because it is fresh air,even though you are freezing at the beginning in while it will be ok and felt very warm.It's good also to do this exercising with me and also with my hubby because i just mostly alltime relaxing.And i can't felt sweating.
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Friday, January 15, 2010


Hello everyone,today is good weather and is not so cold. The sun will come and it's starting to shine and more brighter the sorrounding here.This picture i took when i arrived from school.I got home very early and it was around 1 pm.And i was riding with buss becuase my hubby was still have worked.And it was my second times i riding.I shooted this in the balcony.We can see that had many house and that orange house it's that the school of kinder garten.We can also tha forest and that blue one at the background is the ocean.
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Sunday, January 10, 2010


This are our books.We starting in simple word.It's seems we starting from the beginning(grade 1).In this two books have 2 cd's putting at the back pages.We can heard about the topic every pages of the book.We can heard also how to pronounce the word and how to read this.And last Friday we been at library .We shall know if what kind we need to borrow there.Yeah,we can borrow books with the limition in one month and after that time we need to going back at library but if incase your'll didn't return it will charge into 20kr.Well,it just first notification but in the second time they will sending messages it will be more and more charges.They was teaches there that must better to start look like kinder garten.We need to start to read the books for the kids.And need to heard some simple word out of the cd's like fairytale becuase it can be easy to catch every simple word.And also we can borrow the film and movies.
It has there many books like translation example FILIPINO to NORWEGIAN and many other languages.We can use also the computer there.The newspaper not required to borrow but we can sit down and read.And they requires to having librarian card.We filled in with our name,address and telephone number so that they should know our names and they can send messages in our address and they can contact in our telephones.In next week we are authorize then to borrow the books.
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Friday, January 8, 2010

Life Style!

Hello for everybody.I didn't been here since my last posted,because as i said i started now to learned the languages in Norge.I focused to know about thier languages.It can be have difficulties about perfect pronounciation.In my side i felt is not easy because i do know about also right grammar and some english.Probably in the beginning it can be hard to catch up every word becuase every words i going to translate in english.And one thing it can be hard to me my pronounce.Maybe becuase of my retainer or maybe becuase it's different from where i learned.And i must to remember the word by words.And we mostly learned about word and also number.But it's felt better that i should know some about grammatic becuase this is my problem here in my post.
And i knew now some word here in Norge.It's very little but atleast i had knowing then.And it can be good also to me that i were out in house to meet some people.I felt i need to socialize and communicate within in another people.Differents people black or white.
Here in Harstad i met mostly black people and those are refugees from Africa,Iraq,Iran and differents country.I asked about refugees or an asylant.We are talking about why they called them refugees or asylant.This people are supported by official.They got money to had thier food,house and etc.They came here becuase of thier reason that there country are been war.As i knew from my hubby they are supporting them what i mean norwegian people supporting them becuase they are paying taxes. Or some another came here because they wants to live here.Because Norge is a rich country.Some also refugees are waiting for the approval from Udi to have a permit or residence to live here permanently.But i heard now at news or from my hubby that Udi reduced refugees enter at Norge.
My hubby felt happy that i started this coures.He felt that it must be better to me that i going to socialize.I need to less my ashaming.He don't want that my life just only around at house doing little house and sitting here at computer.It can be very better that we didn't see each other all the time so that it will not so much passionating.It was short time we had classes today and that was our scheduled from Monday or Mandag,Tuesday or Tirsdag and Friday or Fredag.And the rest are Wednesday or Onsdag and Thursday or Torsdag will be almost whole day.
Anyway i just shared my life this siste i dag (i mean this past day).Hubby was taken this pictures when i got home from school and today was snowing and you can see that is the stairs from the car garage.Let us enjoyed weekend.
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Monday, January 4, 2010


I am so careless today.I lost my small purse with inside are Nokia cellphone,lips glossy,ballpen and handkerchief.I never mind  that i was lost  it.At the beginning i thought i forgot at inside the car.We parked first the car and walked on the building where my school room.But we stopped a little while in the store to buy a chewing gum.As i remember in my mind that i had the purse in my left hand. So,after at that store we continued to walked and i runned to catched my hubby becuase he walked so fast until we arrived at building.When i turned of my gloves i been noticed that oh no i forgot my purse that what i said in my hubby. Maybe at inside the car that what also thought of my hubby.So,after classes and my hubby back there to get me,i asked if he saw my purse and he said no. Oh my god,i lost it!!I do know what happened of me today.So careless right?And one thing i don't like also happening today i never thought that i need to brought some papers and notebooks.Oh yes, ballpen i brought it but it was inside the purse and i lost it.I am the one who nothing brought about things for school.I just thought that my friends said to me that nothing needed. So i was believe her. So, i need to borrow a ballpen and  get some pieces of paper of one of my classmates there.She is kind her name is Shara from Iran.But everything is free.Maybe soon or later  i get some thing from them like books and etc.I was so glad that i started this because i met some friends from differents country.Like Iran,Iraq,Ethopia,Bhurma and Dominica and some of them from Philippines.Her name is Sharon from Cavite Manila.She thoughts at the beginning that maybe i am not from Phils.or maybe yes and she is right ofcoures.Because she noticed that we are the same color of hair black hehe..But mostly the Filipina not look like my beauty.. I know their some different for real Filipina woman but i am real Filipina anyway kayumanggi my color.It's look like starts from the begiining using vowel but it is vokaler in norge and the consonant is konsonanter.We can see also some tuition on this would we  try it maybe you are the one who will snakke norsk. means speaking norwegian.Ha det bra..

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Walking !

We walked today as our exercising.Because last night been storming snow it's a little thick the snow outside.While we walking i took some pictures and ofcoures i can't do it by myself and also my hubby was taken to me.This our some pictures that i played the snow.He likes so much to walked becuase it's very good to lungs and it is fresh air,that he said.And i knew i felt very cold if i didn't wear some much clothes.So i thought to wear 2 sweaters and one blouse with 2 pantyhouse and 2 jogging pants hehehe..And after walking i felt very sweating.And felt very good.

Anyway,i would like to thank you so much those who was visiting and dropping my blog.You can see if who you are i put you all in my links..thanks a lot and hope so you will continued to be my friends here.
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Friday, January 1, 2010

Celebration 2010

We celebrated our new year time at place where did my husband had playingjob.It was midnight they husband stopped a little while and announced to went out to saw the fireworks outside.And this one of some pictures i took .We spent our new year to the many norwegian was dancing and drinking.Almost of them are young women and men.While my husband and his new partner Joar doing band i was just sitting there and watching,listening and observing in my sorrounding.And i knew that people drunk already because they walked not straight and almost it will fall down.And some of them also observing of me and asking why is it i just sitting alone ?But i answered i have my husband who one of the band.They are curious and worried with me..HEHE AND some saying Happy new year..Well thanks of them..And be good new year to all and may the new year will be doing to everybody.HAPPY NEW YEAR!WELOME 2010!!!!!!!!!
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