Sunday, January 18, 2009


Hello guys,it is now Sunday and we been at church this morning with my auntie and uncle.I been up this morning at 7 am,my auntie wake up with me and she ask i will be joined with them or not.But I said her that if have much time i prepared myself and wash.Then auntie said,yes we have much time still then i just brush my teeth,wash my face and body which it is called also half bath.Then we go to at church quarter to 8 am,the mass will be started at 8 am.We been arrived at church no more yet much people.And when it was starting already i was feels my stomach was painful until now anyway.By the way,today is our mad day.I hated to having this menstration period.It's becuase i will feel this stomach very painful and also mind.I will be getting mad,not good mood,i feel very tired my body and getting lazy.I want always laydown in this time.Then,one things i don't like sometimes i wanna to vomit,like today i been sweeping outside i was feels i needed to vomited but it's only feel.Menstration time is not easy with me,like now while i am typing here,my head not good,my stomach is painful and ofcoures mind too.Every period time i will be like this,before i been vomiting.And i just feel now to vomit but not totally.But as a woman i have no choice this is me and need to accept.I must thinking when i will be at Norway to my husband place,i know this country is the coldest place.Then,i don't have idea as now if i can accept this cold.Then,when the time i will be have this mens i don't like the cold,i don't want to shower anyway. I just only wash mind,because as i said my stomach painful and mind too.My hubby not like lazy wife,then i been telling him that if i have this mens i will be getting lazy,and feel tired.My mens it will be takes 5 to 6 days will be over.I am curious for this days i don't have shower,but my hubby said there in his place not always takes shower it is because no more sweat.Oh yes,it is becuase not like here at Philippines always very hot and there it is cold.So,i always hope so i can accept there and stay long with him,hopefully successful married and will be forever.And i hope so this situation of my mens will be ok there.Well,guys are you having a problem with in menstration time?Here in Philippines,it is called this disminoria and i don't know this in English words.Okay guys i need to stop writing here and then i need to rest little.See you guys next time..Have a nice Sunday everyone.