Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Got tickets

 I wrote some information lately that I felt hot next month. Oh no! It is next month already! Yes It is.. Anyway, we are waiting so long to have a ticket. Why I have or we have ticket.? We have ticket to travell back at Philippines where I came from. We gonna travell next week . Really? Yes ofcoures. I am excited to visit my country and family. friends and relatives. I am bit exciting but I am bit nervous. Why I am nervous.? Becuase I heard some news that happened thier now at that country. I hope we gonna alright there place.
I can now wearing bikini at the beach hehe.. I have some bikini I bought here. But I never used because it is cold here. I can now bath at the ocean with sunshine and make my skin back normal. I felt that I am the same color like before but they said if you  are out there you can noticed that reaction will feel different. We can see there what will be happen. I need to also so solve the problem out there. Our problem is old and new. What I mean we had a problem we did not yet solve it and now we face another challenges. I hope I can work soon with normal work is not like they would call if they need. It is hard. But I am happy I got sometimes sideline than just sitting here at the house and make myself focusing at the Norwegian coures. Anyway I am tired to learn on it but I have no choice that is the life is here. I need to follow the rules. The rules is my keys to be good life here. See you next time here guys. That's my little info today. Have a nice day to all of you.