Sunday, February 15, 2009

Grandfather Death Anniversary

Hi guys,today is Sunday the day for church and death anniversarry to my grandfather,But my grandpa i never see him i was a little kids when he was death.I just known to my parents that my granpa is his death anniversary today 15 in February.Well,because of this day we haven't little occasion,prayed and having some special food preparing.So,from this morning i been up early because my auntie wake up with me because they goes at church with my uncle and i am the to stay at house while they are at church.Then,i been up too in bed and fix and sweep the many dry leaves outside.And until some of my auntie coming from mountain and my cousin to prepared food for this occasion.Much work today with me,helping for cooked and i am the one washed all the dishes even i having mens and every i having mens my stomach very painful but it's ok i was manage until now.Happy weekend everybody..