Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy three kings

three kings
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Hi,guys.First i wanna say sorry about my site that having content warning it's because i have been set wrong.But i think now it is better.And thank you for make up my mind that i have doing wrong.Because sometimes i am careless.I didn't read properly and understand some policies here at blog.Well,i am human not perfect.By the way,as i were been at church yesterday the priest said happy three kings everybody.But the priest confirm that is not yesterday the time of three kings but it will be tomorrow but tomorrow is not Sunday.Usually three kings were celebrating at Sunday time but they will celebrate advance thats why he said happy three kings.As i know three kings those 3 kings give some present to our Jesus Christ born.These 3 kings follow the shine of the star that where the baby Jesus was born.As what the priest said that celebrating Christmas until January 6 this is the time of three kings.It is now Monday here at Philippines,today is the starting day of back school,office work and other.It have been long time holiday this year.My uncle is a construction worker and he was said that this is the long time holiday with him.But for me is not honesty,i been long long time holiday because i am only here at aunties house then only doing housework and do this blog.I am feel boring anyway i want busy day those having work and income. But my hubby not agree i will work,he were disagree if i will say i want to work at big city.But also problem with me if i will work then the time the visa will granted hope i need to leaving.Then,mostly like me i can work only a housemaid but they are wanted single.So, i am not acceptable.That's why i prefer only to stay house.Well,guys.. I wanna say again happy three kings and have a nice Monday.