Saturday, August 28, 2010

what news?

Wow, how I idolized some awsome gadgets! I know we are usually  needed such  gadget. I cannot denyed that I am materilistic but cannot afford because no worked and income. I offently active on what is the news.

 Latest cell phones is my one of my list to buy for. If I can  have income soon. Well, everybody are experted to have news. Mostly  people are the greatest make the way to know what is the interesting news today.

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The Norwegian-Thailand

How she is really cute. I can feel how really nice to have such kind of baby girl like her. She is so kind when we have been visiting with them on last couple months. She had fever on that day. She played at computer games and she wanted me to see it sitting beside with her. Because, she had fever , she was only sleeping where she sat on.

 And,  was there until she sleeping. That time  happened when on that next day after over night we stayed there.
I reliazed how really good result between two combination of blood.