Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Do you think ?

Last day my husband brought some groceries after work.And it was confused to me becuase why is it we have this cereal for kids.This cereal just for kids.Look and see the pictures.Kid's Happy Moment.Honni-Korn Smacks..And it have this sprø,puffede hvetekorn med honning and thats means crazy,pushed wheat  grain with honey.It is simple philosophy behind the children.They're products are perfect for those special occasions when you would like to give your kids somehting fun that taste good.After a long day or a day where there will be something extra nice to look forward to.You decide how often and when it will be Kid's Happy Moment at home with you.We should nice to each other everyday,but occasionally we may well a little extra nice.But to me i didn't have yet kids.I just want to be kids.It's taste better and smell honey.My husband wanted like it becuase it easy to get snacks  and put it just milk.And it is tasted sweet and i also like it very much.

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