Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines day today

Hi anyone,first of all i wanna say happy valentines to all my fellow and loyal friends here in blog.And wanna say thanks for those nice comment i got.One i got messages and complain about my wrong grammar,yeah that's it my problem my wrong grammar.I wanted to be a good blogger here but my problem is how i can manage my right grammar.I wanna to apologize to all my readers and friends about my blog becuase sometimes is not exactly in writing.But all i wrote here it is really truth.I am very sorry about this i want to improved this problem i don't want to give up and i am very hoping that soon i will be a good blogger and a good speech in english.To all our friends as i been studying i really hated subject in english but i loved to speak,heard and understand it.But my problem is not fluently i can talk very so sorry anyway.Instead i want to stop blogging here but i think this is the best way i need to improved it.But thanks that you do to informed with me that i need to check out my grammar.As what i am telling before my blog is about my real life.Today is a day for heart that full of love to our special someone that is what i am knowing about valentines even no present from anyone i got only a very early messages that the reason i was up early a text messages from computer in my hubby a word of happy valentines day with him and me.Well,that's it not so romantic lol..I never recieve a present when the time we celebrate a heart day.Here in Philippines this time we celebrated for special day for everyone but i think some other country not.For them it is not common.But we are greatfull that pinoy is the best to showing so..And again happy valentines day!