Monday, February 23, 2009

My weekend

Hello,on my weekend i was at mountain to celebrated the fiesta in our sitio.I was visited at our small church or chapel there to attend mass and prayed.I was stayed two overnight there and this afternoon i got home in my Aunties house.As usuall i am doing little housework here.Even at mountain i spent my whole family but i was feels sad that my one special long time we not met again.So sad..hohoho..but no choice we both tired of waiting and we both hope it will granted soon.We hope so much..Have a nice day guys..

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Look!

Hello anyone,i am really guilty about my looked.In my complexion i am morena and little tall my hieght.I was born on 1987.Then i am running 22 years old now this coming june 20,2009.I am guilty about my looked because i am looking 25 years of age.Many people saying that i am looked 25 years old but i am not really 25 years old.But i was asked why they are think that with me then they are saying because of my complexion dark?But i think so..I am not matured of the age like that.Sometimes i think look like 20 down.That what i am worried maybe people saying that i am abnormal lol..

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Grandfather Death Anniversary

Hi guys,today is Sunday the day for church and death anniversarry to my grandfather,But my grandpa i never see him i was a little kids when he was death.I just known to my parents that my granpa is his death anniversary today 15 in February.Well,because of this day we haven't little occasion,prayed and having some special food preparing.So,from this morning i been up early because my auntie wake up with me because they goes at church with my uncle and i am the to stay at house while they are at church.Then,i been up too in bed and fix and sweep the many dry leaves outside.And until some of my auntie coming from mountain and my cousin to prepared food for this occasion.Much work today with me,helping for cooked and i am the one washed all the dishes even i having mens and every i having mens my stomach very painful but it's ok i was manage until now.Happy weekend everybody..

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines day today

Hi anyone,first of all i wanna say happy valentines to all my fellow and loyal friends here in blog.And wanna say thanks for those nice comment i got.One i got messages and complain about my wrong grammar,yeah that's it my problem my wrong grammar.I wanted to be a good blogger here but my problem is how i can manage my right grammar.I wanna to apologize to all my readers and friends about my blog becuase sometimes is not exactly in writing.But all i wrote here it is really truth.I am very sorry about this i want to improved this problem i don't want to give up and i am very hoping that soon i will be a good blogger and a good speech in english.To all our friends as i been studying i really hated subject in english but i loved to speak,heard and understand it.But my problem is not fluently i can talk very so sorry anyway.Instead i want to stop blogging here but i think this is the best way i need to improved it.But thanks that you do to informed with me that i need to check out my grammar.As what i am telling before my blog is about my real life.Today is a day for heart that full of love to our special someone that is what i am knowing about valentines even no present from anyone i got only a very early messages that the reason i was up early a text messages from computer in my hubby a word of happy valentines day with him and me.Well,that's it not so romantic lol..I never recieve a present when the time we celebrate a heart day.Here in Philippines this time we celebrated for special day for everyone but i think some other country not.For them it is not common.But we are greatfull that pinoy is the best to showing so..And again happy valentines day!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Midnight time

Hi guys,it's now Friday midnight.I am doing now this blog at midnight time.As i was said before i am not always here to do this blog as now it is base on my computer condition.Like now the colorful on my screen having again not good to see anyway on screen .This midnight not good feeling because many past of special days it so very sad with me.Tomorrow it is a valentines day.And you know always alone my life again with out partner.Likewise on past x-mas and new year very sad.Every night i was thinking always and asking myself when the time we will be together.Sometimes i will be think must better i need to give up but i cant deny myself that no need to give up and never to do it.I will feels this because i am very tired of waiting now.So sorry sometimes i am very emotional and i think is not good this way.But sometimes i will think and say to god thanks for this life you give it now,for all graces and everything even some trials i need to face off hopefully god you will gives me more strong strenght and faith that i can manage all of this.Happy valentines day to all my fellow friends.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Very hard to having braces

Hi guys,as usual it is Tuesday today.Yesterday i was at my dentist clinic and was been adjust again my brace.Since March we been starting adjust my braces is not easy i cannot eat properly,very hard to bite for anything food if it hard,i can eat only soft food look like soup,bread or another food that soft.To having this braces the one i become very thin but i am usually thin when i am from manila because of much work there.Very painful at the first time i been always crying and now almost one year but my teeth now is ok.It is very nice looking and i can smile without closed my hand not like before i will be closed it.Well,not hard to having this but i feel comfortable now then it is aline my teeth very nice to see when i smiling .But every month is always adjust this and very painful after.Then my hubby asked and i asked my dentist if when i recommend my braces but dentist say that the teeth is ok and maybe next month i will having retainer i am happy that it will be done.Very hard to brushing,i am using also small brush for the center in my teeth.I am happy now it will be done soon..

Friday, February 6, 2009

Sometimes i will be acted look like childish.

Hi everyone,here in philippines time almost midnight.I cannot sleep because i having now problem in my stomach(in bisaya kabuhi).But it will be okay sooner.As i been telling here at past day i cannot so much used this computer it is because i am afraid it will be broked again.I am just think it can be wasting to much money to always fixed and buying again memory of this old desk top here at house of cousin.What my hubby say that must better i was prefered at internet cafe if we knows it will be happened like
this the computer here.But it's my fault i did not think the smart way where i can saved i just think if when i can easy way to talked with him but it is very late to complaining and i cannot stop also the internetconnection because of i been signing the contract of one year even though i will be requesting to closed the internetconnection i will be continued paying the internet bill until it will finished one year contract.My hubby was too late to getting angry with me because i did not confirm with him about the contract.Well,i accepting my fault but what my hubby said also is not alone my fault because he was been saying also okay and agree i will be having here internet while waiting not because it is not easy for me to go at internetcafe to chatted with him at meantime sometime we can chat midnight.In this past day we have been misunderstanding about payment and financial then i been act lok like childish.We been agreement about his transferring but he was forgot and then i am expecting so much this is for the payment of internet bill and etc.Then i been getting angry and been act not good with him but at the meantime we been talking,explaining and listening each other and it's okay now.As i been experiencing likewise before he was been here with me if he will gives with me a little problem i will be act look like childish and crying i don't know i got easily crying.This is unmatured acting and thinking,negative expression i need to changed this.Not only to open minded and also to be analized what having reason this will be happened.Well,as i know this quarell and misunderstanding is part of married but i think we need to calming,talking,listening,understanding by communicating in good way.Hohoho...i think this is not only this problem i think having so much problem will be come and we hope and i hope i can manage all this..Thanks for those my loyal friends here that giving with me some nice advisory and Happy weekend anyone.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Thursday again!

Hello guys,it's been long time i was not here to do this blog and visiting in the EC because i was a problem in a computer.And now a little ok .But not much i will be visiting at EC because i am afraid again to having a problem this computer.It is now February a little news about my documents processing.The police at town in my hubby place that he is probably go next week for interview.We hope after this interview is not much time for waiting more.It is because we been long time we did not see each other again since we been married on last June 2008.And we very hoping that it will come the time and good news my visa will granted.And thanks for my kind friend who are gives some advices and nice messages.I hope you will be take care always and happy Thursday anyone.