Friday, December 4, 2009

Want to be busy

.I am a woman that don't like nothing can do in whole day.Every morning this week we are together woke up,doing together to made foods and drinks like coffee for him,bread and butter,jam,ham and for me i don't like coffee i want tea.I wanted to have some drinks like milo that what i did when i been stayed in Philippines.I tried to saw here for that drinks in the shop here but thier some of this look like.Mostly milk here is cold not warm.I wanted to have some warm milk but i never seen either.Maybe they have some but i'm not sure.I asked today to my hubby about that but not the same those was what i liked.After breakfast hubby went to work and his son also went to school.And i am the one left in house honestly it's a little bores to be alone but i need to be busy so that i can forgot in time.So i need to see what i wanted to clean up and if nothing need to be clean watch tv,and online here in computer.But today i was did something in refrigerator.