Wednesday, January 7, 2009

About problems

Hello all,And now is Wednesday,which are called this for the school wash day.This is day for laundry.And i been laundry also today.Laundry it is one of my hate work if the clothes is very plenty and no more washing machine only hand wash i was supposed to do this it's because no more washing machine yet.I have a problem about this because i very tired and having pain at my back.As i been tell before i was born on much problem.Well,as i heard some other people mostly and everybody have many problems.Which we could this trials,challenges and struggle and this is normal.If people have no more problem it is called abnormal?Is it true?Oh yeah,i guess so.From i was young girl i been notice that we are very poor from my grand father and grand mother and until now my parents too.Because only income to my parents those doing coconut wine from the coconut tree i think you are familiar of this.And last time when father not yet got accident he is also do farm like rice field,rice corn,planting sweet potato,bananas and everything can do as a farmer maybe this time it is not very difficult budgeting about financial.And even mother so far she been always sick but father still can work it is okay.But now both them got sick it is very difficult to manage all of this.It is okay if they have pension but no more.They are ordinary farmer only and mother at house too.And on last few past days mother bring back again at doctor and i don't money for this.But i just think it's ok no more i can make ways to got money for this.Then i must think that what i should do?So,i remember our wedding ring both ring i have here with me.So,i just pawn this ring.Anyway,mother did not agree she bring at hospital because of money.But i was say ,mother money i can make it way,if i will borrow i can pay that soon,but her life i can't pay and borrow.So,mother not know about this ring was pawn.Because if she know she will complaining.Until now i didn't yet get back.But i believe i can get back soon.Maybe you will ask with me if it is true?I can see you directly all my post here is all about my life.Ok,see you next time anyone and happy a great Wednesday.